To clarify - GDKP ban does not extend to selling dungeon items / etc correct?

Currently on my alt Rogue I’ll sell Cobrahn/Silverlaine loot while I’m doing other things on my main account. Also I’m going to be doing DMT solos as soon as they are available as that’s the most fun part of the game for me.

Just to clarify - GDKP ban doesn’t also extend to selling dungeon gear / buffs / carries does it?

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You can decide how to interpret this:

we don’t know. we only have precedent to go by. the precedent is that so far gear for gold is viewed as bad in SoD by blizz. another precedent against boosting comes from normal classic wow in the form of the nerfs to boosting runs.

can’t say for sure, but selling gear runs to people is wack. paying someone to play the game for you and boost you is also wack. take that as you will.

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It removes the auction aspect, therefore it isn’t GDKP. Items are essentially just hard ressed if they drop. Will blizzard look at it that way? Dunno. They’ve never really were able to enforce their own rules… so who knows.

I think the idea is if you are selling non-boe items you may be liable for a ban. Keep in mind, this is just my interpretation of the post, and it’s probably going to largely rely on a) how Blizzard’s automated system works, and b) community sentiment about what is or isn’t okay.

hey, give blizz some credit. if you’re really mean to someone they’ll ban you. buy/sell gold? grief? use exploits in bgs? nah, you good G. just dont say mean words.

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Boosting/BoE’s from raid/ Consumes bought and sold in raid/ and Gambling - would actually love some input on this.

yeah, blizz. the guy posting from his level 11 alt named after the biggest jobber in bleach would like to know if his other planned means of gaining revenue are also banned

AKA the type of guy literally everyone is talking about when they say “people will just find a way around it”

idc if i get a ban, but im sure other people would care if they got a ban.

im sure you don’t care if you get a ban because this isn’t your only account, and based on the howling youve been doing over the gdkp bans for the last 3 days, id assume youre one of those guys that I am always talking about in MY posts. as in the guy whose brain is rotted by capitalism and feels the need to monetize everything

hmm i wonder

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probably, I normally come to game forums to bounce ideas off of people to get a better understanding of whats against TOS, sometimes help people, how people think, and alter my own opinions/takes of the game through intellectual conversations.

right, so you’re a pseudo-intellectual who knows at least about the part after the hyphen. you definitely don’t recognize the pseudo part of it for sure.

just want ya to know, you enrich yourself at the cost of others integrity, and the integrity of the game. i won’t be engaging you anymore because I don’t engage with cowards

didnt really read the rest of what you said after the quote. later bubba

Yes. This is explicitly stated in the post that its against tos

It’s very unambiguous in saying that they’re banning any exchange of items for gold within a raid or dungeon setting.

If reported you might catch a ban for selling items in dungeons, whether I agree with that or not.

dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold

Seems like that is considered gdkp

Did you award them with an item for gold?

Edit: meant to quote second post while replying to first, my b

As this is going to be all automated, there is a high chance your account is getting flagged when you get traded a significant amount of gold inside a raid. Also them having no more cs doesn’t make it easy to appeal.

Do it at your own risk.

Gold in exchange for dungeon or raid loot does fall under the GDKP ban.