To all you randoms trying to get Scarab Lord

You won’t get it.
If you aren’t the leader of some mega guild on your server, why even try? Stop posting on server forums about guild cross faction collusion like any of this is a surprise in 2020 gaming when all the top guilds have been communicating for months with each other on discord etc.
Let them their sweaty mounts.


It’s suppose to be rare and hard to obtain. It takes a massive group effort and people are crying on these forums like they thought they’d casually get it. This was the same company who brought you grinds like the Wintersaber mount and R14. You should’ve know this was gonna be hell

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Win trading should be okay


Keyword bolded. Was glad to be a part of the grind.

To be fair they spent years playing a more casualized experience, which lead them to believe that classic would be more of the same.

when they were told R14 would be sweaty no life-ing for a few months, they thought it was just a joke. many of them tapped out around 9-10.

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2020 gamer logic = i deserve it though


Because they will buy my carapaces @ 5g a pop.

Gotta get them dollar$. Ya’know.


I wish I had gotten a character to 60 for this and decked out.

Not to get the title, that was never on my mind, but to help someone else get it. The process seems so interesting. Ah well.

Snooze I loose.

Not entirely true. We’re getting it for one of the leaders in our RP guild coalition and we’re outpacing a lot of the try hard guilds doing it. It just takes a group effort.

So you guys are using multiple guilds to try and get it for one of the guild leaders…so exactly the kind of player I said would end up getting it.

there are casuals that actually thought they could get the biggest no life mount in the game, ever?

Would seem so with all the posts crying about cross faction collusion on PVP servers. Like honestly, if you are surprised that this is happening or are even bothered with it, you had 0 chance of getting the mount anyway.

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If the original devs at Blizzard wanted cross-faction cooperation or collusion then they wouldn’t have prevented the factions to be able to speak to each other in game.

Point blank what these guilds are doing is tantamount to win trading.

And IMO a guild with members that have obtained Scarab Lord due to collusion of the opposite faction should have their titles stripped and accounts suspended.


-laughs in projected september 8th whitemane gate opening-


They are the same people that log in on Tuesday 10 minutes before raid time to get to the loot pinata, then log out til the next reset.

The best rewards in this game require time, so many gamers are used to bypassing a time wall with a micro-transaction, or waiting and getting the reward later for a reduced time/effort investment.

We have one guy in our guild going for it, and the entire guild is farming for them, and the person who is going for it has put in the most time by far. Scarab lord is a guild achievement meant to be worked on together, its basically written in the tooltip of the first quest item and the quest itself. “Only one may rise”. If you are in a selfish raid-logging guild that 80% of the players do what I said in my first paragraph, you will never get it unless you have very deep pockets.

So pretty much every scarab lord. ok

Considering they are not getting titles your first wish has already been granted. Congrats! Its rare to have that happen on these forums so you should probably just quit now as wishing for more is just going to lead to disappointment.

the problem with the scarab lord and mount stuff isn’t that normal people can’t get it
the problem also isn’t that only super-mega-tryhards can get it
the problem is that, generally, only the most underhanded of the cutthroat sociopaths will get it


Not all of us have had our heads up Pserver GM’s [Censored] for 15 years. Shut up, sweaty.

Haven’t played WoW in 15 years since vanilla tbh. My retail toon is deleted from inactivity and I don’t wanna pay to have it reactivated. Nice lil trigger tho.