To all Returning Players complaining about queue

Or… perhaps if they spin up some additional realms, like Grobbulus-2, Faerlina-2 and Benediction-2. They can then make 2 (or more, depending on population need) clustered realms, and split up the population while it is sustained, with the ability to consolidate if/when needed.


Since we don’t want them to force spilt the pop. That’s the whole point of being on a mega realm.

While they have already confirmed they can’t make a shared realm. Your suggestion is nothing new and was known by blizzard before the offical statment of a tech fix is not possible. As such they have publicly said that is not in the cards.

who asked bro

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Is this really how people think? The success of the “mega servers” was mostly due to the fact that there just weren’t that many options at first.

You built nothing, you simply played the game.

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It’s not thinking. They actually did build the server. They cleared the content, then ran gdkp and carried half the people who would have never even seen the content of had to do progression on thier own.

Could you provide a link to where they confirmed they can’t make a shared realm? I’m curious about this. As they have clustered realms for WoW Classic.

I did read the update from 18 hours ago that spoke to the inability to increase realm size of a single server. This is in relation to layers or sharding though, which is not what I’ve suggested.

One common suggestion we get is to “just add more layers”, and it’s very important to understand that layers do not add in any way to capacity.

This functions in some contrast to the “sharding” system that modern World of Warcraft uses which basically does the same thing but spins up additional shards on a per-zone or per-area basis.

So they got there first then exploited the people who came after for large sums of gold…Thanks, glad you cleared that up. :joy:

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That vary post mentioned it.

Shared realms ie connected realms is a fix they know about and have even used.

The fact they have said a tech fix is impossible with that vary postsaying the fixes they know about can’t be used. As your fix both as full connected realms party connected or RuneScape style freely moved between can’t be used these are all options blizzard knows about and are as such included in there tech fixes are not possible.

Would you care to provide the quote?

I’ve read the entire post, and I must be glossing over some parts, because I can’t find:

Right from that post

“There’s no technology solution to this. There is no hardware solution to this. This situation will not improve when Wrath of the Lich King Classic launches on September 26th, it will only get worse.”

Key part there is no tech solution to this.

Your suggestion is a tech solution and one they knew about pre making that post. As such it is saying that will not work or will not happen.

i really wonder where people the energy to complain so much lol.

Not exploration. People don’t have to go to gdkp. But your opinion is of no importance. You are just one of the visitors who will leave when get hard stuck on Ulduar.

Oh yeah, fair enough. I mean, I was hoping for a more technical explanation, but sure, they said:

So put as plainly as possible, we cannot increase capacity any more without inviting additional and likely cascading failures to the service. At present, the best and only way to resolve this issue for the impacted realms, is for people to leave the realm via free transfers . There’s no technology solution to this. There is no hardware solution to this. This situation will not improve when Wrath of the Lich King Classic launches on September 26th, it will only get worse.

Which is basically them saying that they’re not expecting to have a solution to this other than what we have at present for the foreseeable future.

And you think you know everything so what’s the point of the thread?

Keep pushing your beliefs on people…I’m sure that’ll work out for you :joy:

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Yes hense my suggestion ban the bots as they can’t replace themselves now.

That alone will likly be enough.

What an amazing display of hubris OP.

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Actually it’s what leadership talked about in on of mega servers last night. I putting it nicer words than what was used :slight_smile:




  1. unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense.

“he talks gibberish”

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Great, you have an opinion on the topic… we all do, we just don’t all make a forum rant about it.

Yes, yes we do. I don’t mind if you choose to stay on a mega-server, but don’t need all the crying about it.