To All Of The Tanks

These changes are fine, I tank and am able to keep myself alive without a healer, and I don’t think these nerfs will change that.

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Changes are fine, still get to keep ignore pain and shield block up, 10% more than 0 is still zero

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I dont see what the issue is.

The nerf doesn’t start until December 13th

The funniest part is I still wont care about my pug groups

Basically haven’t had to since BC

I will only be allowing plate wearers in my m+ runs

Yeah, that’s when we’ll notice how much of a non-issue it is. I’ve never found tanks easier to heal. In fact most of the time if it wasn’t for DPS i could sleep through dungeons because tanks don’t need me to heal at all.

The tank nurfs were in bad taste. Bullying tanks into continuing to take your BS in dungeons is just further proof of that. :+1:t5:

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I already bought 2 months of time and all i do is tank… Give me 30 bucks and I’ll boycott

I can only imagine the type of person who would quit an entire role over a 10% nerf.

Same people who only play OP champs or classes in other games.

Whats worse, is this is literally a slap on the wrist and there will definitely be even more nerfs, so you might as well move on now.

ANd personally anyone who would actually quit and complain over this kind of nerf I wouldnt want in my group anyways because you 100% know this kind of person is the rager who complains about everything the entire run, blames his team in LoL, and is a terrible person to play with in general.


Well the issue wasn’t tanks being hard to heal.

You may be some kind of prodigy, perhaps you can show the way to all the healers who’ve been complaining about not being able to keep the rest of their groups up.

Maybe you could’ve read the rest of what they said where they state the only issue was DPS taking damage. Sure Brewmaster didn’t need that nerf but other tanks are virtually independent of any external healing. Protection Warrior more specifically can, without exaggeration, solo an entire M0.

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Oh no 10%…

i dont get it. youre acting like tanks wont be mandatory anymore after this nerf.

Oh I will be. With the valor cap there’s literally no reason for me to play the game except with my close friends.

Enjoy dealing with C-tier tanks until 10.1.

Almost every class will be able to do that in a couple weeks anyway.

But the issue is they can do it NOW. If they can do it now, they will be able to do much more with more ilvl. Them being overtuned is a fact and the nerf will barely do anything to hurt them at all.

Oh my god, I didn’t realize tanks were the biggest softies of the World of Warcraft community…

Honestly I don’t really see these changes making all that much of a difference.