To all classic fans

(Droodguy) #1

Thank you for not giving up even when everything told you to. People spamming the “wall of no,” famous blizzard quotes like “you think you do but you dont” sarcastically dismissing the whole thing

But the classic community persevered, without that I don’t think we’d be seeing classic this year

Thank you for not giving up on classic

(Somalion) #2

Give it time, it’s still got to be released then people will give up on it. That being said I do plan to try it out and take a look but I’m not overly optimistic it will succeed

(Pintero) #3

Yeee, classic is timeless. Much like Paul Whiteman! It’s really the only game i’m probably going to play for a long long time.


Fixed that for you.

(Mightylink) #5

I signed that petition Mark Kern printed out and took in. It’s a really weird feeling that my name was actually on a physical piece of paper in Blizzards offices at one point… before they probably called in a shredding truck to dispose of it lol


I haven’t seen this much hype about a game since Skyrim / Halo 3 days… the amount of people from middle school, high school, and college messaging me asking me if I am playing classic is intense.

(Rip) #7

Exactly. My theory is the only reason the naysayers and wall of no people were so adamant because deep down they were threatened because they knew there is no way a retail wow would compete with classic.

(Mightylink) #8

Normally I would say splitting a community is a bad thing but after the decline of the last few expansions Classic WoW can only be a good thing at this point, all its going to do is bring more players back, retail WoW was killing itself, with or without Classic WoW, long before it was announced.

(Rip) #9

Since we cant know sub numbers i cant say for certain but my thought always was blizz would never do classic unless the current expac was on life support. Im guessing subs are low, real low, and classic will bring back a lot of players.


Classic WoW will kill retail WoW in much the same way that video killed the radio star. Mark my words. :sunglasses:

(Williams) #11

I heard a rumor that BFA was under a million gross active and or subscribed accounts.



Don’t thank me, I never voiced my desires to “restart” my WoW experience. I would daydream that if I went back in time, I’d be so excited to play WoW again. Very cringe sounding lul.

On a serious note; I am very curious how this will turn out a few years down the line. Time will tell. I know I’ll be enjoying the hell out of this, I look very forward to the end of August.


I’m excited as hell.

I also can admit I didn’t really think it would happen, until it was announced. While I was never a nay-sayer, I think I at most gave it a ‘that would be cool!’ passing comment on the Forums once or twice.

So yup! Big time thanks to those who really got things out there. I can’t wait for Classic. :smiley:


Oh, I knew the “wall of no” was garbage when Blizzard said “we will NEVER allow faction transfers” and another time “we will NEVER allow server transfers from PvE/RP to PvP”, both times they gave in. If there is enough demand, they will provide. I’m surprised they never introduced class changes.


Talk about “classic.” Nice reference.

(Somalion) #17

There is a big difference between ‘we have no plans to’ which is the wording they used for race/faction/server transfers and ‘we will not’ which is what (you are right on this) they said about classic and ‘it will never happen, ever’ which is what they say about class change). Three different responses.

(Padrepwn) #18

What did they say about gold selling?