TLV is recruiting!

Recruitment needs:
2x Combat Rogues
2x Holy Priests
1x Warlock
1x Shaman
1x Prot Warrior

Raid time: Saturday 5pm-9pm PST

Who we are:
This raid group initially formed as a contender for the server’s first Ragnaros and Onyxia kills - eventually downing both bosses second to All of Paull.
Initially we adopted a loot-council system with strong central leadership, the shortcomings of that approach has led to our current zero-sum system with distributed leadership.
We have a deeply committed core that strives for excellent performance, a large guild with many resources (3 independent raid groups), and responsive class & raid leaders.

Loot rules:
Our philosophy is that you should never have to pray to receive loot.
We have implemented a zero-sum system with fixed loot prices - all of which are subject to your scrutiny and commentary.
Loot council is used exclusively for distribution of make-or-break raid items, i.e. Bindings/Thunderfury.
Hand of Rag is prioritized to whoever currently has the Sulfuron Hammer in their inventory.

How does looting work?

For example: Razorgore the Untamed drops two bracers and an Untamed Blade.
The two bracers are bought for 2 points each, and the Untamed Blade for 4 points.
8 points are then equally distributed amongst the members of the raid, each receiving 0.2 points.

Another example: Maladath drops from Broodlord.
Two rogues and a warrior express interest in the item, they have 4.5, 3.2, and -0.5 points, respectively.
The loot master inspects the current point holdings and awards the sword to the rogue with 4.5 points, costing that rogue 8 points and dropping him down to -3.5.

Dont pray: By simply having more points than anyone else, you can determine which loot you receive!
Dont pray: You may freely communicate with your fellow raiders to convince them to pass on loot.

Fine print: Zero tollerance for trading of loot after purchase (let the system work please!).

Attendance rules:
We drop players who fail to attend two raids in the last month, unless given a proper reason for the absence IN ADVANCE.

Talk to Crowbar, Urgthon, Jaeg, Siik, or Thatonedude about joining our raid!