Titian Residuum?

Surprised I’m not seeing much being said about this… seems there is a blue post that come 8.3, all your Residuum is being converted not to gold, but SILVER??? So let’s say they drop it before you hit 47.5 for a random piece…you have 45k. Seriously? Months of working on it and boom, it gets taken away. All that work and effort down the drain. The post kinda implies without saying they may re-value it… no issue there, but why not do the same re-value to what we are holding?

Sure seems like and out and out screw job to those still playing retail… no way am I going to be bulldozed into playing Classic.

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It doesn’t take months to get to 47.5, more like 2-3 weeks.

It’s a dumb change just because this is what should have been done every season (also dumb they waited this long to tell people).

But at this point, I’m sure Blizzard just has a dartboard with 20 decisions and they just see where the dart lands.


The economy is bloated enough without them giving us gold per TR, if I had 150k at the end of the season when they reset it and they give me a 1 for 1 trade in of gold, id double my gold count. Im poor because I dont farm gold, but I still buy pots and flasks for raiding and mythics. But giving me 1.5k for my stockpiled Residuum is fair Id say.

if this were Oct 2018 that may be the case

Are you saying the economy is no longer bloated?

It is but significantly less so due to all of the gold sinks. Prices have largely normalized though, at least on the servers I play on.

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They won’t. It will be somewhere between 0 and 1 silver per Titan Residuum. Probably closer to the lower end.

The blue post has even been edited to say silver instead of gold.

Coincidentally, the topic with the blue post is where people are talking about it. We don’t really need another topic on the subject.

Blizz has been taking them down.

It’s a really awkward post (to put it nicely). On the one hand they say they dont understand why people aint motivated to save residuum to carry over to the next season. Then later in the same paragraph they say they are converting saved residuum to whatever. Thats the kind of action that has conditioned people to not save for later in the first place.

I guess the good take away though is that it will be faster to accumulate, I presume.


large number of gold sinks this expansion with no meaningful ways to replenish the coffers.

AH and farming bots will always make money, but professions and mission tables, yield next to nothing.

100 000 is the new 1 000 000

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It feels like a BS move. It should really be people’s choice about saving for Season 4 or spending it now.

Now… no real choice. Use it or lose it. And if you are just a couple shy of getting something you want… OH WELL

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With how unpopular the azerite armor system is, they should have given us an option to just let us keep our baseline azerite armor pieces and use the currency to instead bump the item level so we don’t have to once again refarm specific pieces over and over again.


Did you even read what I said, or did you just focus on that one half line. I know whats going to happen, I saw the post. And I agree with it. No need to correct someone who was never wrong.

It’ll still accumulate at the same rate.

So if it’s taken us 4 weeks of running a 10 to get a heroic level piece, it’ll still take 4 weeks - the values will just be scaled down.

I had 90k and gambled on two pairs of shoulders. Got the same exact ones I have twice. Rip

I did get 20k back though from scrapping them.

It’s prolly worth just holding onto your residum and getting the coin at this point.

Thing is, it SEEMS they are re-valuing the system to bring the overall numbers down. They COULD also do that with what we have in inventory… meaning the investment in time will have SOME return. Converting to silver (which ain’t worth crap these days) is a slap in the face.

Agree with above, a complete slap in the face for something that was not easy to accumulate for me anyway. One silver for each titan residuum, what a sad exchange rate, they can have that back as far as I’m concerned.

Great necro.

On topic. If it wasn’t easy for you to obtain, then you weren’t the intended audience for this feature. The (by far) primary purpose of residium was to obtain azerite through running m+. The weekly m+ chest, depending on the level of key run, gave tons of residium. If you ran at least a +10 every week you could get a random 445 piece every 2-3 weeks.

Personally I had a tank set, a dps set, and over 200k more residium after that.

While I am a bit sad it was such a low conversion rate, that doesn’t really matter that much.