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Hello everyone, I am Aangelhawk. I’ve been on Emerald Dream for a decade or better and its hands down my favorite server. I’ve played for most every guild on server, and several that have left. Lately it just seems like Emerald Dream has succumbed to the same afflictions as other larger servers and I have decided to fight against the anonymity, toxic pugging culture and raid logging. Therefore I am forming a legacy here that will embody what it truly means to be a Warcraft Guild.

is the brain child of myself and many conversations with other, more respected members of the Emerald Dream server. Our goal here is far from simple, but the scope is grand. We seek to return a semblance of the Emerald Dream of old by forming a guild like was common in those days.

will be a guild for anyone and all content. We will have both casual and progression raid groups with option to move in and out of each as it suits you. The progression group will have progression requirements that have to be met in order to join, of course, but both groups will be open to all members. There will be a similar approach to our RBG teams. As for Mythic+, with it being such a large part of the game, that no one really wants to pug, our hope is to have a membership that plays together and shares their experiences, strategy, and success. We will help every one of our members experience the content they wish, the only factor being your individual effort to reach certain difficulties. We provide repairs, consumables, and comms. Moving forward in the future we will provide gems and enchants and craftsmen.

The overall goal is to be a successful, populated guild that every member enjoys logging in to be a part of. Within that there are also goals to help the guild reach that status:

The Progression raid team will be building to a CE capable group.

The casual raid team will help bring new players into content and see that everyone can enjoy the struggle and glory of AOTC+ raiding.

The top RBG team will be pushing the limits of strategy and teamwork to pursue titles and glory while helping guide our less experienced players onto the battlefield.

Mythic plus is an assumed duty of most raiders, but I know there are people who wholly enjoy pushing keys as their end game and the guild supports you as well. All guild groups will be prioritized, but for those who carry reward will be given.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. All positions for this guild are open and waiting on players of all calibers to step in and enjoy themselves. I’m looking for officers, crafters, raiders, everyone. Even you Wpvpers.

Guild Discord:





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Throwing out a bump. Raid lead is currently 3/9 heroic and looking to fill roles for casual and progression groups. Come join us today.

Looking at 2 days for each group. As people join we will flesh out the days. Trying to prioritize tuesday for progression and a second day as we discover newcomer availability. potential hours are between 7-12 EST

Still looking for anyone interested in joining. I could definitely use more healers for both pve and pvp content. Hit me up any time

Pugged 7/9 normal last night, we are building steam. Jump in now to join the party

Still accepting any and all applicants. we are here for new players, returning players, and people who just want to have an actual guild instead of just green text

pretty good raid last night. we are looking to kill fyrakk and heroic gnarlroot thursday

Had a pretty good raid week, finished out at 9/9N and 1/9H. We are only going up from here and want you to come with us. Message me any time

Welcome back from the holidays everyone! We are ready to get back rolling and would love to have you come join us. Please message me any time, or ask any guildy for an invite. we are about to start our push for aotc and into mythic prog. We are now 3/9 Heroic with good pulls on larodar and looking to get through him and council very soon.

Our new nights and times are:

Tuesday Progression 700-1030pm Server (central)
Wednesday Casual/farm/alt night 700-1030pm Server (central)
Thursday Progression 700-1030pm Server (central)

here is an updated discord link as well

Got Nymue to 9% tonight before raid time ended. Really looking to make a 20 man group and enter mythic soon