Titan Residuum

Really? This is what they used to do with all currencies back in the day. Honor, Conquest, Justice, Valor. New patch they all get downgraded. It’s good. People should not feel the obligation of farming this “to be prepared” that only causes burn out.


Right but they didn’t last time and so players were farming it, but oops blizzard changed their mind. Getting specifics are stupid expensive especially for players who play more then one spec. They are making the system worse (players farming early to get expensive specifics) without improving anything.


Kinda sad you’re not increasing prices 27x again, if only to laugh at the 2.x million TR costs for azerite in S4.


just let us use the excess to reroll keys. problem solved.


Yay, I like this change. Thank you!


WHY!!!? I have had to buy two specific pieces each tier for raiding since the raid loot has bad azerite traits and now you do this so I cannot get a hold into 8.3. Are you trying to kill off M+ until 8.3 because I now will not waste time playing the game apart from logging int to raid?


I’m not sure where you got this feeling from. I’m certainly saving them so that I can use them when I can. And being able to save them for the next season means that the hardwork you’ve done is not all lost. Someone could be just bad luck and never get much better gears from M+ and chests, and you can get a better piece of gear the next season to compensate.

Even though not everyone will purposely do M+ just to save residuum, I imagine most people will not think whatever residdum you’ve got will be useless. And we you have saved enough you will certainly want to spend it and buy a better gear. I mean after all, you can’t use residuum on anything else anyway.

It’s kinda the same as gold. Not everyone will go and just farm for gold, but you will get gold as you play, and you save them, and you use them when you want to.

And let’s say it is a good thing to do so, I don’t think it’s fair to change this during a season. I think it’s more fair to change / announce this at the beginning of a season.


Any chance we can get the option to upgrade current azerite gear from the TR vendor to the new increased ilvl? Its really annoying spending weeks RNG rolling the right pieces, just to scrap them and have to RNG roll ALL OVER AGAIN when there is a new patch. I’d love the option to upgrade the pieces I have now from 450 up to the new cap.


Will holding onto current pieces provide residuum when scrapped during season 4? I assume no but am just wondering.

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This is very good news. Now I can actually buy my 2 BiS pieces with my 400k residum instead of feeling like I must save up for head start next tier


This is just getting ridiculous, this rng gambling system they have is beyond frustrating for all my guild members. Don’t just have us use residuum to buy azerite tokens, to rng gamble pieces of gear, instead be able to buy all slots of gears so we can pick out what we need as a clear upgrade like in the past or even like with current pearls (that are so low an item level its not worth using them to buy gear except to shred the pieces). Then allow for players to upgrade pieces with residuum, so if they’re not getting any useful drops from the mythics or weekly mythic chest, or having to keep their 435 azerite gear because the 450 one they bought rng’d a piece of s*** for the 4th week in a row is so frustrating everyone’s ready to quit. And your blue post do you even play bro?? Like people in my guild who’ve gotten sick of wasting the residuum started saving for next season in hope they could buy something better. And now noooo because you are worried people are frustrated they need to save? We’re frustrated we have no set purpose for the currency, once maxed, to do anything with or have anything to buy. So we are frustrated we are saving because there’s no good alternative you’ve given us to do with it, now you want to flush it? That’s worse whose thinking of this crap because they need to be fired. This azerite gear crap being the only purchasable gear has been a huge stress. 8.3 is gearing up to be the worst disappointment of this disappointing expansion. Bravo blizz.


This is true and would be fine, what pisses us off though is back then you knew what you were buying, now unless you want to spend 30 weeks to get the residuum of 200k x3 . But that’s only 3 slots, before it was accessory gear and main pieces, and if you got the token drop you could upgrade your tierd piece. Now there’s no security it’s all based on casino style gambling.

As a player who raids casually without a guild, (PUGging to Heroic difficulty maximum), with each season & increase of residuum availability & cost, I am perpetually behind the curve & have yet to purchase a single item. There has never been a currency I have earned that I never use to purchase something…This is because I not only don’t have enough to buy a meaningful item, but I am always already gearing my character(s) up, pushing the goalpost further away myself because I need to buy a meaningful piece. Instead of negativing everyone’s efforts, wiping all currency would be acceptable IF at the end of a season a player (regardless of effort) could finally choose a single item (those who hit it hard, get pieces all season, those who at least try, get something)…this would not be much different then getting an extremely lucky titanforged drop in a raid, or from an emissary quest. No body wants silver

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Well, I guess I haven’t much to do on this character or any character because it is so annoying to play on alts.

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In terms of the decision itself, it’s good that I can feel free to buy some random pieces on the off chance I get an upgrade for an offspec or pvp, without feeling like I’m hindering my progress for next tier. But on the other hand, I think players should have some freedom to plan ahead and prepare for the next tier if they choose to. Players don’t need to be on an even playing field or blank slate at the start of every new season or tier, but there is a balance to strike between that scenario and one where players feel regretably obligated to be grinding for something the game hasn’t even implemented yet.
The system is flawed at a basic level when you can spend months trying to get the exact same piece of gear you’ve been wearing all expansion but at the new highest item level.

In terms of the conversion rate, 200,000 residuum becomes only 2000 gold if you’re converting residuum into silver. That’s the same as one daily emissary reward, for two months of residuum. That’s an incredibly low offer.


Players told you about this problem during season 2 and it took you this long to fix it. Is the dev team just incompetent or dense? or both?


You guys may want to revise the Residum / Gold ratio, cause 200k Résidum will get you 2k gold, while you can buy 200k/1.7k*(Price Of Shard~250g) = ~30k gold… feel like this is a bit of rip off :wink:

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  • Is this more an admission that the prices have never been “understandable” ?
  • Or just saying that the S3 prices were out of control, and we’re going back to smaller numbers for the sake of smaller numbers?

Just saying, if it still takes 8-12 weeks per specific azerite piece, and anything short of that is a gamble among 6 pieces – of which any Simcraft site will tell you, at least half are never BiS for any spec – then decreasing the numbers to something “understandable” won’t actually make this system any better for players.


No, no it wouldn’t be. Even doing really high keys you’d still only get 1 piece per 2 weeks or so. I think a month and change for 3 pieces total is not that fast compared to raiding. Maybe I’d actually be able to get pieces for more than just a single spec.

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yeaaah it would. to get your garunteed BIS of your choice in a slot in 1 month is pretty huge. looking back at any old vendor system that wasnt really a thing anywhere but pvp. and even then your first ones took abit more then a month.

to after only 4 weeks of doing medium difficulty content, being able to have a BIS peice of your choice that will last till the next raid, is a huge deal.

Also i love this thread, people crying about the residium being reset, then people crying that they didnt reset it for season 2, and its taken them so long to do it…

All the while these people who are crying about it resetting are either people who abused the system, or are crying cause they somehow cant get enough residium together for even ONE peice. lastly the people STILL complaining about the RNG when they have a garunteed item of their choice right there if they can stop gambling away. but they cant help themselves, they complain about RNG but have a way to avoid it, but choose to anyways.

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