Titan Residuum

Will it still be a thing in 8.3?

Thanks for the response!


Yes. However, we’re working on a change to Titan Residuum that will make a noticeable difference. We feel like most players don’t see a meaningful benefit from the ability to save some Residuum for the next season, and for a few players, saving Residuum has come to feel like an unfortunate obligation.

When Season 4 starts, we’re planning to convert the Titan Residuum you currently have into silver. At the same time, we’ll set the drop rates of Titan Residuum and the prices of the items that it buys back to values that are understandable. After that reset, Titan Residuum will work in Season 4 just like it did in Seasons 2 and 3.

And we’ll put that on the Visions of N’Zoth PTR in the coming weeks.



Thanks for the update Kaivax, It has felt like there has been no point saving residuum. Has the team considered dropping the random piece completely and just allowing us to buy the piece we want?

To clarify I’d like to remove the option to random roll altogether and make the cost of individual pieces the cost of what random used to cost.


Makes sense to avoid currency creep for each season, and avoiding genuine abuse.

While I’ve not enjoyed the Azerite gear system (can be subjective), the vendor was required.

In an off topic, I would much rather see systems that had resembled the Legion Artifacts, progress through AP gains, and any such modifications to the class to be on that one item that can easily switch between specs.

So the current intention to essentially remove all of the current TR progress players have made going into the next season?

Did you have a TR:Gold ratio in mind?


You already can buy specific pieces. No reason to remove the gamble option


Sorry i think you misunderstood. I’d like to get rid of the option of random roll and replace the cost of the random roll with the individual pieces. Same cost.


I hope there are further changes to the “random piece” philosophy.

Players have so little control in terms of optimally gearing their characters, and that is insanely poor design. There is little reason for the current disappointing control and safety-checking when purchasing a Titan Residuum token, opening your weekly mythic chest, or elsewhere. The only way to gear your character the way it should be is only through bulk gameplay; even then, you have no control over the direction or end-result. This isn’t even considering Titanforging and random sockets, either.

Even on the 8.3 PTR, the levels of chance and dice rolls are too high. Hopefully in the next expansion, we won’t be subjected to slot machine-style gameplay in so many instances. It’s fun to sometimes leave certain aspects of a game to be random, but the system needs a total reset in order to be sustainable in the future.


Make sure you also prevent people from buying and hording Azerite pieces now and scrapping them for TR next season.


That would be insanely broken compared to obtaining bis azerite through any other content. Currently the time required to get bis is only slightly longer than how it is for raiding.


So your literally doing nothing to improve the system, just making it worse. So any Titan Resid we farm now is just gold come 8.3? Thanks Blizz! Just finding new ways to make BFA worse.


Leave it to blizzard snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Not only do you leave the broken things broken you then intentionally go and break the things with some worth and functionality


Hi Kaivax,

Could you make some update token that just like legion to update our Azerite Armor? There are toooooooooooo much pain on it.


once again blizzard is giving the shaft to players who put in effort to be prepared


dude what if you just trusted us to keep playing the game without using rng at every turn to lengthen the treadmill


One residium to one silver? That’s gonna be a ton of free money!!!


YaY i GeT 250 GoLd


Thank you for this change, what about the Key level grandfathering once the season starts? Would be cool if it all went to 10 instead of how it currently works.

Can you at least make the tokens BOA so we can spend them on gearing alts before they reset. I have nothing to buy right now and I would rather gear my alts than get gold.


the problem with Titan Residuum is the cost of Azerite gear, it so expensive to get the actual BiS gear that your spec. So mostly everyone just go for random Azerite because it cheaper. However its RNG and everyone hates that and you have to wait for couple weeks to try again and fail to get the right gear of your spec.