Titan Residuum Fire Sale

Basically Blizzard is selling all your residuum for you at the end of 8.2.5 and will give you silver in exchange.

I think this is the wrong approach because it disincentives farming mythic plus and begs the player to stop once they have acquired all the pieces they want. It is true that they may have acquired all that.

Personally I would prefer getting Alt Residuum Coins instead. I would enjoy the fruits of my labor more instead of getting scraps of silver for hours of preparation. I likely spent more on flasks alone for all those mythic plus runs that this silver exchange will give me in full; it is not a good exchange at all.

What do you all think?

They’re readjusting the cost of them so they aren’t absurdly high that most players would be unable to obtain them, but at the same time leveling the playing field so people with high amounts aren’t buying the best ones right away.

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In other words, a non-issue.

So, you saved 340,000 residuum?

Here, have 3 gold, 40 silver in exchange.


1 silver per TR, so 400 TR = 4 gold.

I think they don’t want players who got lucky with their azerite pieces early on in the season to have a leg up on the rest, but they’re trying to spin it as a means of saving us from ourselves (“saving Residuum has come to feel like an unfortunate obligation.”)

I don’t necessarily disagree with the intention to start players on a level playing field for the next season, but I am very tired of Blizzard’s paternalistic attitude of “players can’t be trusted to make their own choices.”

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I get that. I do not disagree with the future goal. I dislike how as a community we planned our future based on saving residuum for the next patch. I would prefer having something to motivate people to do high keys mythic plus that has meaning when they no longer need the gear. Something like Alt Residuum Coins.