Tired of the gender politic threads

even so it gives me a pity that they have flagged a serious post whose result shows that they do not care what happens just to see a vile pride, it seems that Sire Denatrius is right to annoy us of our pride.

That is why it does not matter what happens from the twitter sewer they talk more about this pride, that well-being and that it helps the game system as in its old days, it will be of no use while the franchise of Blizzard and like the Oscars, art is worth nothing if they are only political overtones to a video game that has nothing to do with it.

As another LGBT spam thread a day that is useless for another WoW gaming experience, come on.

I say the same, but social networks only care in that it satisfies you financially and supports your cause while others who think otherwise are treated as pariah, as I know the comments that prohibit WoWhead by this article.

You see how ridiculous it is, while using this inclusion as merchandise again, and at the same time it is hypocritical while the quality of the game gradually declines due to bad avariocious decisions.

or Deadpool.

The only lgbt thread on the front page right now is this one.

Good job, op. :roll_eyes:

OK, you’ve got my interest.
Trees need sun and water, so what makes them the root of nature?

we all tired of them. 90% are made by a few trolls so just ignore them and move on. also there’s no quicker way to make you hate something than getting it forced on you nonstop.

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My gender identity is not a political issue.

I’m just a guy vibing. If you think that’s somehow political then that’s a you problem, it doesn’t make it true.



In fact, I remember in the Latam forum where not because I only have the servers of Quel’thalas, Ragnaros and Drakkari, they have gotten tired only BY ONE LGBT spam thread that we have not tolerated while it does not help the experience, quality and fun same game before forced political ideologies.


I’m so sick of these gender politics threads I might just go ahead and make one


What I am hearing is “Blah blah I need and excuse to be a douche blah blah”

ESO is about demon gods trying to absorb the world and 3 factions perpetually beating the snot out of each other to see who will be empower. Has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with no giving a crap and moving on.

That’s a very simplistic, reductive, and naive reading.

It’s pitting the wolf against the bear but I’d rather openly corrupt tyrants who I am aware of than corrupt elite billionaires pushing their globalist agenda without me knowing any better.

No, and if you were more informed on the topic, you wouldn’t think this.

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I’m pretty sure one of the gods tries to make us sleep with everything that moves but those are minor details.

I am one that is ‘everywhere’ in society. However, it is getting to the point I want ‘representation’ in my entertainment. Was watching TV the other day and every single commerical was all people of color…

(actually I couldn’t care less about representation - it is just getting too much all this fake woke business).


Lol, that Lotus poster, dear lord, how do people get offended that easily :laughing:


Go finish whatever term paper you were writing on lesbian dance theory.

So what you’re saying is that you deny of the existence of the 1% who have had a strong hand in shaping both the past, present and future vis a vis robber barons, then bankers and financiers and now tech giants respectively? Okay.

Apparently its not enough that he got framed, and fired, he keep getting insult DM and real life threat (and not just him, his friends and anyone that defend him as well), the dude literally beg them to stop bullying him.

Do note that english is not even his first language.

This is why I like trolls. Once in a while it gets really funny.

Oh and Pyrano, just a little fact about your 1%ers obsession. In almost all forms of society, especially in a capitalist democracy. You could give everyone an equal amount of money and it still will end up in the hands of an ambitious few over time. The pawns, or cattle, or sheep as some call them are not that way because of those 1%ers. They have just always been that way. You were born a little lamb, deal with it.

I mean I basically allude to that in my last post to Nippys but okay, preach to the choir more.

By engaging with you? Nah, I am made of sterner stuff, ty for the concern :slight_smile:

I genuinely feel sorry for that guy, and anyone else who comes into contact with this cancel culture/woke hate mob.

It’s a video game for ****'s sake lol.

The times we live in, can’t even have an opinion anymore


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The funniest thing is that the book itself use “he” to address Chronormu


This is why these people have nothing to stand on other than their fragile ego, no matter how you tell them that this does happens, they will close their eye and ear and move on to their next victim.