Time to start adding catchup XP?


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Not how classic works sorry bub


Welcome to classic


They have catch up exp. it’s called Rest Experience. Log out in an inn, and you’ll get double the experience for killing, proportionate to the time you were logged off, up to 2 levels.


Other players work harder than you, so you deserve free levels.

This is a topic here.


this made me laugh, honestly.


NO nope nah


Good lord, no. I already have too much RestedXP from putting off my (5) Level 10 Alliance characters for a week while I level my (5) Horde characters from 1 to … well, whatever level they are when all quests in Durotar, Mulgore, and Tirisfal are completed.

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At least this one is a bit more original.





Yet another great idea from a member of (the) < Retail Dev Team >!



Low effort troll. Made me laugh, though.



Alright I caught on to your little game.

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Heh other way around - they work less than I do, therefore able to play more than I do and level faster.

But OP is mistaken anyway, most aren’t 60 yet nor will be for some time.


Oh Lillard. What madness will you conjure up next?

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um, Most people are NOT 60, I’ve yet to actually see anyone level 60.

nice sunday troll post though.

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Hilarious. Classic by definition can’t have that.

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“Most people are 60”…



OMG… DUDE, that is NOT the vanilla experience, if you want an easy game where everything is given out for free then go play retail, the cool thing about vanilla is blizzard didn’t cater to whiners back then… you either learned to play the game or you didn’t play at all


it’s cal;led rested xp.love it use it.