Time to lift some Tmog restrictions?

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Why would a mage wear plate armor? It’s been stated in lore why they weild cloth only.

A Paladin tanking blows with smooth silk…

No thanks


And there is a list hundreds of rows long about how Blizz dumps on their own lore. This whole “but lore!” argument is getting pretty embarrassing.

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Gotta respect what little lore we have.

Don’t ruin it please :c


I mean look, I like lore. I have the title and everything. But at the end of the day, in a game, I value gameplay over lore.


Did you say fun? Nerf it some more for “balance”


At least just let us automatically learn (not use) stuff that drops even if it’s not our normal armor. From older stuff, anyways.

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I, however back this up.

You know it sucks when you get a cool sword drop from Ulduar when you are a priest or some caster. Would be nice to have it for my Warrior or DK

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Don’t know if it’s still this way because it has been at least five years since I’ve played it, but I like the way EverQuest 2 handled it.

If your character could equip the armor type, they could transmog it. So, a Shadowknight could mog cloth -> plate, as could all plate classes but a rogue could only do cloth -> leather.

I guess it’s a little unfair but the system always made sense to me.

And stop with this “but lore/realism” argument. If it were legit basically every class should be wearing at least some plate while in combat. Archer? Remove gloves/wear an open faced helm. Maybe don’t bother with armor below the knee, but DEFINITELY wear a plate cuirass.

The rest of the armour types would make you a dead duck pretty quick in reality. Course, WoW isn’t reality so it doesn’t matter but that’s my point. Let people wear what they like.

Ahem, only the first bit is actually a response to you. I went off on a tangent. lmao


Bottom line is…there’s tons of toys, food buffs, items, ect that change your character to not look like your class at all. There are no more solid arguments for holding transmog hostage. Please, let us have some harmless fun and customize our characters the way we want.

The fear of everyone looking stupid died when transmog first came out. It was really rare to run across someone purposely making themselves look bad and to be honest if they want to look stupid, who are we to ruin their fun?


Well my leather looks like plate and/or cloth so I guess it sort of is already here


I want my warrior to use a blade of azinoth, how come I farmed forever for it and I can only tmog it on a DH, but can equip the actual weapon in my hand? Not everyone wants to main an edgy elmo night elf


Arbitrary restrictions have been a firm stance of theirs since the beginning. They don’t care that allowing me to wear a witch’s hat year round would upset absolutely nobody in game, they don’t care that my demon hunter wielding havoc warglaives as a tank would upset nobody in game.

They just don’t want us to use things for fun, because… well there’s really no good reason. It’s the biggest pet peeve I have with the devs. There is no good reason at all, it seems like the entire purpose is to upset their customers more for the sake of making them feel like they’re forcing an arbitrary fantasy idea that nobody wants.

If their goal wasn’t to ultimately frustrate us with this stuff, we’d have had a broom mount by now. That would be a guaranteed win for them.

But instead, they stick to their beliefs like a religion.


This is the main issue. What Blizzard doesn’t get though is that most armor we’re getting doesn’t fit whatever class we’re playing. Hell, they even stopped making class sets. If I want to make my mage look like a battle mage or my warrior like a barbarian, I should be able to.

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I fully support the lifting of xmog restrictions, it will not break the game by having such changes though I can expect some visual bugs to come from it ie cloth <–> plate which may require some advanced coding? and who knows what other bugs can be discovered or opened up from these changes. Last thing you want is more tech support posts about loss of fps because they’ll not hesitate to say “Since the xmog restriction lift patch my fps…”

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It’s bad enough that I’m re-acquiring mogs I had already previously collected for some reason


I think most of the current restrictions are fine. I really don’t want to see plate wearers on the battle field in silk. There could be some tweaks for weapon types.


Except you already can with certain armor, toys and food buffs. A warrior can already transmog a dress because of some of the armor made for paladins or the Noblewoman’s Finery dress. There are no longer any reasons to hold onto these restrictions, although if they HAD to hold onto some, at least do something like this:

Plate can mog plate and mail
Mail can mog mail and leather
Leather can mog leather and cloth
Cloth can mog cloth and leather

That ALONE would give everyone tons of new options to play with.

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I really want holiday restrictions gone. If people can go around wearing plate bikinis and other ridiculous looking items, I don’t see why it’s an issue if I want a flower crown ><

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I would absolutely love to be able to transmog into my black embersilk gown but it’s a white item even though it took a lot to make it back in Cata. I don’t understand why, There is a lot of white gear I would transmog into because I like some of the simpler looks.

(Mardomus) #30

Nah, I kind of like the idea behind artifacts sticking to your spec it makes since and its kind of… yeah to even change that would defeat its purpose. However, it would be nice for other weapons and armors to loose restrictions like legendaries, etc.