Time-Lost Proto-Drake Bug

Hello recently on July 10th at around 12:58 pm pst on the Ravenholdt server I killed the Time-Lost Proto-Drake on my arcane mage Breaska. Unfortunately when I killed the rare it landed high up on the side of a cliff where it was not lootable.

My ticket number is #74411159
I’ve seen a few examples in the past on the forums where gms were able to help.
Can a gm please double check the kill logs and make sure they cant give me the mount? For my mental health it would mean a lot if a gm double checked since I’ve spent over 36 hours spamming a targeting macro trying to get this mount.

You may have to wait for the outcome of your ticket, a GM will review the game logs and see if restoration is possible. There are no GM staff on the forums, though it is more moderated then most, it does not bypass the current ticket system. If no, and it happens again, hopefully it lands close enough that if you drag over another mob it will be close enough that area looting can also help, or look into finding the Loot-A-Rang


I started farming it intermittently on one account a couple of months ago and, at the time, I recall seeing in the wowhead comments that they made a change to the TLPD and looting it was not required to gain the mount, only killing it.
Apparently the change was made due to terrain inaccessibility such as you experienced.

i would check my mount collection and mail if I were you.

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Loot-A-Rang is only usable in draenor and there were no other mobs nearby to do the area looting trick. These were the first things I thought of doing. I’ve read multiple other examples in other forum posts that customer support is able to check the kill logs and give you the mount if they can confirm that you killed it. I’ll update this forum post again for future readers if customer support is able to help me out.

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the loot will end up in your mail, if any

Yes, that has happened in the past. But be aware that if they have made changes, then the GM’s may have to be hands off. You’ll know when your ticket is answered.