Time for Warlock Pet Revamp

Oh I figured. I’m just saying I miss Dark Intent as well.

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Alright. I admit I never use my voidwalker in dungeons or raids. I don’t consider it a dps pet even with the taunt and threatning presence off.

If i had to choose one pet I’d want an extra ability would be felhunter. If it had st and aoe plus the interrupt, I’d be more inclined to use it in dungeons atleast.

As for demons, I’ve always wanted a Satyr. The ones that use shadow bolt, not one of the melee ones. Or one of this little dudes like Calydus is. I forgot what they are called.


You can’t be a Warlock without being selfish. We don’t prop each other up, we prop ourselves up. That’s why nothing gets done!


Yep. The Warlock forums are the most un-unified, self destructive, unhelpful, disloyal, back stabbing forums of all the classes. Period. You cant make a suggestion, comment or even ask a question without the vultures swooping it’s sad

Warlock players are quite literally their own worst enemy.

Are you insane lmao in what world is this true? We had an amazing collaborative effort across all social media listening to eachother since the start of alpha and shaping one cohesive voice of feedback supporting eachother in the google docs and compilation posts and alpha/beta threads?

Hell, I’d wager if you actually sent a survey out, warlocks are the class probably with the most players who are die-hard loyal to that class alone.

We are always unified, always working with eachother, fiercely supporting of eachother’s efforts, and constantly defending eachother and against other classes who feel the need to invade our forums every week lmao

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Honestly, I’ve always…ALWAYS wanted to have a Dreadlord by my side, if they ever become a choice that’s my 100% go to, if not maybe Fel lord love the armour, if certain bosses either from the Demonic Inquisition in tomb look awesome too!

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Gotta show support when I see these threads

Same here, but i already would be happy if I could summon a dreadlord in place of the Tyrant

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legion was a wasted opportunity for locks.

Demonology: inquisitors, pitlords along with a way shorter CD on nether portal

Destro: colossal infernals or bigger doomguards.

guldan could summon even dreadlords.

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I think they’re more worried about paying rent, than they are about giving the 2nd least played class, more options.

Yep, kind of sad. In the expansion about Demons… the Warlocks get nothing that every other class doesn’t also get. Really strange design choice there.

In game, Warlocks have to be kind of stupid. Surrounded by their power source, and the otherwise greedy Warlock, takes nothing for themselves, and learns nothing for their time invested.

Imagine, you’re a thief, you wake up in a bank and you’re surrounded by money, but you decide that you won’t take any of it. Well that’s essentially what Warlocks did in Legion.

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At least we still had access to Doomguard and Infernal as pets there, now in BFA and Shadowlands not even that =/

Well if that is true, it just starting happening this expansion cause in my 12 years of playing a warlock, the last place I looked for support was the warlock forums. That was a learned behavior, I didnt just pull it outta my butt.

??? Dude the warlock forums has consistently always been good about solidarity and helping eachother, we’re one of the few classes with websites like Lock One Stop Shop (and discord), which is the latest iteration of a series of Warlock-specific forums with a theorycrafting community going back to The Warlock’s Den over a decade ago.

The most “drama” that exists in the community has been over:

  • Whether Shadow Bolt or Drain Life should be the Affliction Filler
  • Nostalgia Goggles Issues: e.g. “Bring Back Demonology Metamorphosis”, or “Make Affliction A Rot Spec That Is OP In Multitarget Scenarios But Doesn’t Need CDs”, or etc.
  • Green Fire back in the day, where people who were against it were like “it breaks lore” or “there are more important things to worry about asking for cosmetics is always dumb”, like we are seeing today with the Demon Stables idea

We even had a whole community wide engagement for the Mists of Pandaria revamp because Xelnath would use backdoor channels to talk to “real players” who were conscious of other communities and types of players, not just the Elite™.

Hell I’ve personally have always made a thread or helped maintain a thread since Mists of Pandaria (started in the last months of Wrath so don’t count it lol) to gather community input for the devs (exception being BFA). Save for a year and a half stint where I stopped playing, I’ve been an ever-present fixture of the Warlock Forums even though majority of folks “look down” on the casuals who ask what some believe to be “dumb questions” asking for explanations or recommendations or what have you.

Your characterization of the warlock community and the warlock class forum is completely unjustified and unreasonably disrespectful. There’s no need to extend what is likely a personal context to the entire class/forum community.

I think they need better pet customization options visually, some models look old.

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I would love two things for a Warlock pet revamp:

  • The ability to permanently enslave any demon you want, with a handful of exceptions (similar to Hunter pets)
  • The ability to change your demon’s specialization so you can use any demon with any set of abilities you want it to have.

I would love to enslave a Pit Lord. I did it once in MoP, why can’t I do it now?


I’d be happy if the Grimoire demons that you can glyph into had their dialogue completely restored. I’m glad they added back the dialogue from summoning, but I miss my void lord being a total boss.

1:02 to 3:12

Yeah, sorry, 12 years of experience, cant pretend that didnt happen.

Welcome to Team #WarlockStables Now

Hunters can’t do this either though I don’t think?

big mood, but they dialogue is there if you do /petattack macros for the glyph pets

And I have a smidge over 10 years of experience, here we are lol