Tier pieces from season 1 keys and upgrading

I am almost at my season cap for upgrades for the season. I got a tier piece from vaults, sadly, I was for a low key, since I was helping a guildie. Can I upgrade the piece in season, or just leave it in my vault and go for a higher 400+ neck piece with a gem slot?

If it was on your M+ row in vault, yes it can be upgraded using valor. If it came out of the raid row then it is not upgradeable.

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Yes I got it from M+, I already used up like 5k valor points. So I only have 1k left. I really can’t get the piece high enough to beat the glove piece I have now. So I wasn’t sure if I should sit on it, or just hope I get it again later.

If it’s on the character you’re posting on, it doesn’t look like you have any tier pieces. If you got that one and used the catalyst to make another, getting your 2 set would be priority if it was me personally, but ultimately it is your choice of course. :slight_smile:

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