Tier is not dropping in normal Amirdrassil

Howdy! As of tonight (Tues 11/28), in normal Amirdrassil, with a raid of ~15 people, we have not been getting any tier drops from tier bosses. We believe that there should always be 1 piece of tier dropping for this size raid, but again, not 1 tier piece off of three tier dropping bosses thus far: Igira, Larodar, and Nymue.

Can confirm

Just an update - did receive 1 piece of tier from Tindral, and 1 curio on Fyrakk.

Tier is only guaranteed to drop with a group of 20 unsaved players. You would get a 75% chance with 15.

Appreciate this, I wondered but couldn’t find this.

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FWIW, the bug report still has value. If the volume of reports indicates that the RNG isn’t working as developers expected, they can fix that.

There have been cases when the RNG was more stingy than intended, and devs have intervened to fix it. But that doesn’t happen if it’s not reported as a bug.