Tides of Vengeance: "Mischief Managed" not completed, but "He Who Walks In The Light" is

Considering the Mischief Managed quest line is required to proceed this quest line, I’m not sure how this happened. I completed the quest, retrieved the Abyssal Scepter and returned it to Jaina, but it never gave me credit on the achievement. However, I ended up being able to continue on to the “He Who Walks In The Light” without issue, and have that part of the achievement completed, but not Mischief Managed

Do I need to do something else for this?

I put in a ticket but an automated message told me to ask on their forums.

I’m still poking around but as yet I’ve not been able to see any issues with this not completing?

I would suggest just keep right on rolling through the quests. If you need a breather, try logging out completely and then back in, maybe it’ll nudge whatever it is not completing into place? If you get to the point of finishing out the rest of the quest lines and it still doesn’t complete, please pop back over here to let us know and we’ll go from there. I’ll keep digging around to see if I can’t find another instance of this happening.


I have completed the quest line up until “A Gathering of Foes” (the meeting in Warfang Hold). I realize that I wasn’t super clear about it, but I meant that I was able to continue the quest line/campaign so that I finished the “He Who Walks In The Light” part of it, even though “Mischief Managed” never ticked off in the achievement

This is a comment from Wowhead about this not completing:

Blockquote By gamerunknown (42,945 – 12·43·244) on 2021/11/27 (Patch 9.1.5)

I just completed the quest chain to try and unlock the blue appearance for 7th legionnaires hood and it didnt count - I think only A Way Home counts

Edit: After completing “A Way Home”, it didn’t count, perhaps only Arathi rares fulfil the blue criteria or perhaps it’s no longer available after a certain level/ilvl.

Double Edit: FInally got it from heroic warfront stromgarde

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I saw this but I believe the commenter is talking about “the blue appearance for 7th legionnaire`s hood” that they were able to get from heroic warfront stromgarde, not the achievement.

edit: just to make sure, I did a stromarde warfront and got a hood, but no achievement. It wasn’t heroic as it wouldn’t let me queue without a raid group

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Technically, it looks like The Treasury Heist is the prerequisite for The Fall of Zuldazar.

I don’t believe the quest is considered a breadcrumb quest though. Have you tried going back to that area and see if Jaina has it for you?


Yes I have, she has no quests for me. I talked to Wyrmbane as well.

edit: that said, when I use /run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(54510)) to see if I completed it quest, it does report back “false” despite Jaina having no quest for me

ahhhh, ok, That makes sense. Yeah, I see that now.

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I also forgot to mention that I did the quest on this character, “Lucifur”, not Amity as I posted as (I don’t use the forums often, sorry!)

Are you visiting the version of Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Xibala, or the one on the ship?

You want the one in Xibala.


That was it!! Thank you SO much! I was visiting the wrong Jaina, I had completely forgot she gave it in Xibala. I now have Tides of Vengeance :slight_smile:

I was able to pick it up with no problem and hand it in. I feel like such a big dummy now, but thank you so SO much for that because I don’t know if I would have figured it out on my own.

edit: I’ve also been replying t each post, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be replying, so sorry about that