Tides of Vengeance Arrives December 11

(Ahndrumon) #41

Wait for the hotfixes

(Valathen) #42

Work towards getting that awesome Blood Elf heritage armor of course!

Anar’alah Belore!

(Wryscher) #43

Probably wake up and be angry about something. Yeah I’m that guy.

(Raspir) #44

If I’m being totally honest, I’ll log in to SWTOR first and see what the new patch and story is like and play through some of that.

Afterwards I’ll head over here and do the quest for my Dwarf heritage armor followed up by the new Warfront before logging out to check out the forum complainers here in GD

(Neall) #45

I believe everyone can post links to some trusted websites.


Wonder why you’re a Death Knight… weird :wink:

Next time you feel angry, just stare at this a bit:

(Melantha) #47

Lutessa is one of my alt characters.

(Yesitsmyalt) #48

All weapons are hunter weapons.

(Lithya) #49

I was trying to make a nice looking post with images regarding the Night Elf Glaive issue.

(Imagine Demon Hunters running around with dual Sentinel weapons when the sentinel themselves which are NE warriors or hunters can’t be equip by non-DH NE players.)

Anyway I hope to get my trust level higher so I can make nice looking posts like that in the future.

Until then I hope my message reaches the developers. I don’t think it will impact the game too much and given the Night Elf players are feeling so demoralized finally getting access to a Sentinel weapon with their Hunters or Warriors or even Death Knights it could be a tremendously positive response from the player base.

(Vixie) #50

That’s a strange defeatist attitude about a freakin’ video game.

“I’m not even gonna play cuz it may be lousy” - how would you even know? Reading the prejudicial impartial reviews on the internet? Reading General Discussion??

This is not a life decision - not even if you should try the new pop-up ramen shop (you may love it but they’ll disappear in a month…).

Better to have loved than to grumble about what might have been. That’s what I say (except I use a different word for grumble).

Try it and see. Then quietly go away until later. No, you don’t have to report it to us.

(Abruek) #51

That’s a pretty terrible attitude to have about negative feedback, if everyone just kept quiet about everything we’d of never ended up with Classic.

And 8.1 is fairly lousy so far for me, it’s open for testing, and not a single thing is being changed about my spec so I’m personally pretty disappointed.


By reading the patch notes and playing the PTR?

I don’t like the story anymore, all of my favorite classes have been ruined, gearing feels unrewarding and a 100 other different reasons. Patch 8.1 doesn’t really fix any of it.

The OP asked what I’m going to do and that’s probably what I’m going to do. Not sure what’s wrong with me expressing my opinion.


Will probably gorge myself with burritos on release night and then go to sleep ashamed of myself. I’ll wake up the next day and probably grind out some Island Expeditions though.

(Yesitsmyalt) #54

Can I have your stuff on Tuesday?

(Vixie) #55

Nothing wrong with your opinion - as is mine.

PTR/Beta is a small section of patches/xpacs. You don’t get the whole picture, the entire story.

But if you don’t like the story then that’s that. I personally don’t delve that deep into the story - just a story like the 5~7 novels I read monthly. WoW stories are just there to give some meaning to the game play, reasons why you’re doing the quests. I mostly play for achievements and collecting things (knowing I’ll never be totally “done” with them).

Your reasons why you would quit don’t resonate with me. Story is fine, when I play another class it’s fun and hard to stop, gear is gear - replaced constantly. I can’t even remember minor annoyances I’ve experienced to even write them down here.

Different outlook, different opinions, different people.

(Darknesself) #56



I’m not quitting forever. I’m just not interested in the patch so back off bub. :laughing:

Absolutely! Glad you’re looking forward to it, don’t let people like me ruin it. Sorry if it seemed like I was ragging on the game or something, it wasn’t my intention. I was just expressing my dissatisfaction with the patch. :persevere:

(Atheaoakclaw) #58

Log on to twitter,curse,wowhead,raiderio,wowprogress,realmpop,youtube,

and then log off. Oh you mean the game ? Come to the forums for popcorn and negativity.

(Dæmonjesùs) #59

see if any of the ‘improvements’ seem to get me engaged again… Im thinking Ill pass until 8.2

(Awkaran) #60

Gotta see what that new Warfront’s about. If it’s just a reskin you can guarantee I’m doing the absolute minimal amount of it. /moo