Tides of Vengeance Arrives December 11


We don’t even get a chance to breathe first?! :scream:

(Razorstorm) #15

Finish the Monster Hunter World main storyline.

(Joyeuse) #16

Gonna come complain about all of the High Elf retcons Blizzard decided to put in the Blood Elf heritage quest.

(Kalgromash) #17

WOOT REAL BFA release. Ima play fury warrior and dabble with shadow priest while I wait 8.2 for enhance changes. Definitely want flying by now and zandalari trolls:)

(Phoenixlight) #18

Use my time gatted mount from Warcraft purchase.


The mount comes with the Spoils of War edition of WC3 Remastered.

(Burgh) #20

Turn my computer on, obviously. I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to TRICK ME!

(Haven) #21

Blood Elf heritage quest and see how close I am to the 100 reps!

(Lithya) #22

Please allow Night Elf Moon Glaive from the Darkshore Warfront be equipped by other classes!

Please categorize this weapon as a fist weapon! I beg you Bornakk! Rely this message to the Developers! You will buy a lot of goodwill with the Night Elf fans if you make this happen.
I made a post about it here:

(Withpuppys) #23

i will be transmogging my weapons into fist weapons like a proper worgo

(Melantha) #24

Definitely this first especially on my Night Elf character.

(Autai) #25

It’s even more hilarious when you see the NPCs that aren’t Demon Hunters using them.

(Tormento) #26

What? We can like blues now?

(Legionkiller) #27

Head to Broken Chore and hope Somber Dawn is up so I can tame him then head to the barrens and tame three different color Zhevras after that try to figure where the Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers comes from so I can get my own Spud.

Head to clean my stables so I can also tame a Son of Xolotal and a Moonhazed Nightsaber.

Going to be a taming spree.

(Lithya) #28

I just hope Bornakk sees this…
Let the Night Elves have this one, they have been waiting for this for literally more than a decade.

Its just changing the weapon category. Minimal work and it will make the community so much more happier.

Bornakk! You are our only hope!


You can, hopefully things we post are worthy from time to time.


Probably unsubscribe if I’m being honest. BFA is going to be just like Legion where it will only be fun at the end of the expansion. This really saddens me. :confused:

(Autai) #31

Right? Man sure would be great when you log in and you finally get to transmog your iconic weapon.

(Sinelus) #32

The glaive will be DH only. it’s kinda a…warglaive…

(Autai) #33

Hunters, also it’s in Night Elven culture to use those glaives.