Tickles (Najatar)


I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t save Tickles if my life depended on it. Would you?

(Stompypotato) #2

I tried. I may be mentally deficient, but I couldn’t figure out what to do.

I will stick w/ the bedazzled and leyline ones. My kids helped me enjoy them.


Gotta jump up to tickles using the floating jellies as bouncy boards.

(Thequixote) #4

The trick is you travel where your camera is pointed. If you’re under shooting a platform look more forward, if you’re over shooting look more downward.

(Dliver) #5

I’ve saved Tickles but since I have no idea who he/she/it/whatchamacallit is in this game I wouldn’t if it required real effort.


Tried clicking it since I now have flying, didn’t work. It looks like a little octopus.

(Deistic) #7

I don’t mind saving tickles because it can be completed in less than 30 seconds.


I did it once but never went back, the animations look really inconsistent.

Tried again today with flight but alas it didn’t let me save Tickles the easy way.

(Paladina) #10

Use the far left side, turn 180 on last jelly and bam you’re done. I suggest a quick google search and you can see a youtube vid of how to do it easily.

It was impossible for me before now it’s easy as pie.


I tried using flying as well. I even tried clicking him while floating down!


Think about what you just wrote. If my life depended on it, yes, I think I would. You don’t value your life that much?

BTW, I honestly think saving Tickles doesn’t really save him, it just brings him into danger. He seems safe to me, in that little bubble hovering above all the bad stuff.

(Udiza) #13

I find that how easy or hard it is depends on how many people are around. If it’s relatively quiet, it’s a quick easy quest to get done as I can get it consistently in one or two tries. If it’s crowded, I find the responsiveness of the movement becomes a problem and it takes a lot more tries.


Did they change it after the first few hours it was available, or what? Because I’ve never had a problem with that quest.

The only strange thing is remembering that when you hold down your right mouse button, it behaves as if you’re holding down both buttons (and moving your character that way).

(Udiza) #15

Yeah, originally, your direction was determined at the time of the bounce. They changed it so that you can steer as you float after the bounce.


Ah, that makes sense. I can see how that would be more annoying.

(Grumbles) #17

I tried it a few times… told myself it was time for my electroshock treatment and left. I managed to do it once after the nerf/fix but have zero desire to ever do it again.


(Revannia) #18

Haven’t tried it and have no plans to do it. I have 0 interest in jumping games/platforming. Tickles can stay where he/she is.


…just land on other jellies and keep going up…?


It’s incredibly easy.

(Crookedmán) #21

Yeah its ez. Have a little confidence and believe. If you try and just rush you’ll derp every time.

Its not always perfect the jumps dont always register if you dont land perfect center.