Tich DOWN AGAIN for 3 days now

Really? wth


What are you folks doing, are you super populated or something and everyone is trying to kill the World Boss at the same time?

I read somewhere that they said on their twitter tich keeps getting Ddos’d

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A DDOS on a single server? That sounds odd. I wonder why they would chose that server.



That’s correct.

Here’s the best Twitter account to follow for updates:


Damn, that sucks. I hope you’re able to find and punish the individuals.


But why just Tich?

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Why do I get the feeling someone got beat in PvP by a Tich player is what started this.


Someone got camped in wm and is DDoSing


Pretty big streamer server… probably time to transfer tbh.

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Probably cause someone is butthurt about something or someone on Tich.

People are petty.


Stormrage has been getting hit as well.

Garbage indie company


A blue post on another thread responded to a person asking for free server transfers off the realm that, “There is indication that this is being caused by a DDOS, moving realms wouldn’t help in that situation.” (Quote from [Vrakthris])


It has been “confirmed” by blue posts 2 days in a row that the issue has been DDOS attacks focused on Tich. So WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD TRANSFERRING OFF THE REALM NOT HELP THIS ISSUE? It would certainly help the people who dont give a rats *** what realm they play on. Blizz won’t give out free realm xfers again because they’re trying to make the game miserable enough that you will pay $25 out of pocket again and again to get off of Tichondrius. What an enormous cash grab.


And the point of having your own forums is??


Easier to update via text message whilst on the throne.

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I got D/c from the servers multiple times yesterday in Torghast, the maw and dungeons but I play on MG.

Became less common the longer I played, not sure if that’s related to the attacks or not.

Because the people doing it are aiming at a specific group/individual - and would just move their attacks to the new server. Moving helps nothing.

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I just want to know when it’s going to be safe to do TC. I want to do it, but not if I have a decent chance of getting booted after 1 or 2 hours.

There is no point of the forums when you have Twiter, Reddit, etc.