Thunderous Roar vs. Spear of Bastion

Noticing a trend towards Thunderous Roar and associated talents vs. Spear of Bastion. That said, I’m still simming better with Spear of Bastion so not sure why the trend is towards Thunderous Roar. Wondering whether it’s due to Spear not always hitting for the full duration in situations where you have to move a lot. Anyone have any thoughts?

Other than Terros in raid which is the only patchwork fight, there isn’t much reason to run spear RN.
In M+ Dragon Roar (I’m not using this sh1t name blizz came up with when OG name was great) have uncapped damage, meaning you can actually do some damage in massive pulls, albeit for a short time, still helps a lot, especially on bosses like the tree one in AA or the rock one in AV.
Spear requires you to stand still, good luck with that in most scenarios. I pug a lot, most pug tanks move a lot so Spear isn’t even viable, then there’s sanguine weeks which spear is actually grieffing if you use it at the wrong time.
In the end it comes down to Dragon Roar being able to do it’s full damage all the time when Spear might be trolled by things you cannot control.
For me it’s also good because now my build is closer to what it was during BFA, except I don’t have CSHB anymore.


Thanks for the reply! You basically confirmed exactly what I was thinking…that Spear may sim well but the reality in M+ is that there is a lot of tank movement or scenarios like Sanguine where it isn’t as effective (or even bad). Roar on.


Part of the reason why I run Roar over Spear. The constant moving, as mentioned by Alless.

I do love Spear. Has great utulity at times (Pvp and Pve). Got to stand in it to get the absolute full benefit. Can be tricky in a chunk of PvE situations. Can also miss with Spear in PvP at times (there supposedly is a macro for it. Never looked into it.)

I’ve been running DR for almost a month now. Overall DPS is higher in M+ and in raid is simply better with movement during the fight, except for Sennarth and Terros which I get to stand there and use Spear.
Another thing that makes Spear bad IMO is it’s long CD, during SL we had a soulbind to reduce it and it was baseline at 1 min so it was almost always available, now it’s worse and has a longer CD.

The macro is a simple (@player) line to drop it right under you.

Roar is easier to use and has a shorter CD. Easy choice.


Yeah pretty much this for me since DF came out and I had the option to choose.

TR is a press and forget and best used when you can hit all 8 seconds of the dot (obviously)

Spear does theoretically more damage but how often can you stand in your spear for full 8 seconds to get max value in a key vs getting full value of TR in a key? Also the animation of it hides other animations underneath it

TR does more damage in big AoE

TR can be a 1 min CD and works well with onslaught/AM build

Those were my thought processes for it anyways

This is where I struggled with it most. The CD doesn’t always line up with the ideal times to use it, especially with the aforementioned movement issues also getting in the way. Too many variables at play to plan it out the way I’d like in most situations (PUGs) I find myself in.

True, but I ended up dead or not able to use it on more than one occasion. Jumping waist deep into a blender for a few more DPS wasn’t wise when I tried it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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