Thundering Goliath - Not Completing

Quest: Thundering Goliath
Location: Arathi Highlands

Our group killed the Thundering Goliath twice. First in a group of 4 and then in a raid of 7. No one got credit for the kill either time and the quest was not completed.


The Thundering Goliath WQ has been bugged for AGES and there’s been no response from Blizzard about when or if it will ever be fixed. The WQ drops from your tracking halfway through the fight and therefore doesn’t count when killed. I do not know the trigger but after watching people fight it for a while I feel it has something to do with its spells.

According to some comments on WoWhead you have a better chance of being able to complete it if you interrupt all of its knockback spells, but even that isn’t guaranteed.

Would love to get an update on this from the devs, I’ve missed out on several service medals over the past few months because of this bug.

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Back in my day Blizzard used to care.

Still bugged today.

We’ve been trying to figure out this elusive bug for months now, and it was your comment that led us to the root cause. In particular, the combination of how the tracking would drop for people part way into the fight while others recommended interrupting all of the knockbacks to receive quest credit seemed bizarre but led us down the right path.

Under the hood, world quests are pushed to your log when you enter a volume attached to the target creature. We use these volumes for combat as well; things like movement forces, damage areas, etc. In this case, the creature got a little aggressive cleaning up its volumes after finishing its knockback attack and would continually wipe the one that maintained the world quest credit. We also found a few other creatures that were misbehaving in this way, so we were able to repair them as well. Your world quest credit volume should now be immune to knockbacks. We aim to have this issue hotfixed in the near future so keep an eye on our official hotfix updates for when it is live.

Thank you for helping us make the game better,
The WoW Engineering Team


@bornakk thanks a lot, great to see these types of posts!


Nice. It’s good to have this kind of insight. And kudos to the devs for piecing that together – great sleuthing.

And cheers to @Shaureyne for the vital insight.

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This was a fantastic thing to read! I hope you guys plan to do this sort of thing occasionally in the future, some of us truly appreciate it <3

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I always was able to get it to complete by staying inside the stone circle

I was having a pretty crappy day today but I decided to check out the forums and this honestly has made my whole week! I’m so so glad I could help improve my favorite game and give the team a lead for the bug! Thank you for this in-depth update & fix :sob: