Thrunn, The Last Troll of

A soft groan escaped Thrunn as he finally woke from the healing sleep his body had forced him into. The heat of the sun was baking the ground around him and it felt like he was roasting with it. A desperate need for water was emphasized by the painful cracking of his throat when he tried to swallow.

It was still a bit of a blur.

He and his den mates had been making the trek to Senjin Village when they had been waylaid by a coordinated force of Centaur and Razormane Boar.

Seeing the corpse of one of the centaur nearby he scrambled over towards it and search frantically for a waterskin, and upon finding it tilted his head back and drank slowly at first.

Taking stock of his belongings and his position, he wasn’t as well versed as Glargh at tracking, and with Glargh’s cherished Scorpid Companion dead in the dirt nearby it could not bode well for him.

Thrunn, The Last Troll of his den pack sets out to complete his journey, first to Senjin Village…and then revenge.

((Troll Shaman - Looking for RP Guild))

Upon finally reaching Sen’Jin village and reporting of his mishaps, a promise was made that the training he needed would be offered.

Thrunn threw himself into his tasks as he sought to aid the villagers. Each threat which presented itself being a way for him to help reclaim some sense of the control which was lost when he and his den mates were waylaid.

It was while he was procuring furs upon the Echo Isles that he stumbled upon a young Priestess Sue (It could have been a boy named Sue but Sue looked pretty feminine)).

And with her aid, Zalazane was slain and the skill of Minshina was brought back to be buried with honor.

After destroying the plans of the treacherous centaur and besting their champion in battle, he ventured north towards Razor Hill and his fateful encounter with the foul Geolord Mottle.

After triumphing over that foul swine, he caught whiff of a rumor regarding the strength of leather made from the hides of beasts that wander the vast plains of Mulgore, and since his arrival he was waged titanic war with Ghost Wolf, Arra’Chea, and Mazzranache and emerged victorious from all.

Still, his journey continues as his battle prowess and skills increase.*

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Horde Paranormal Society is probably a great one you are looking for. Whisper or mail Domiknitrix for an invite.

Another one is Landlubbers, who are a Pirate themed RPPvP guild.


Thank you!