Three Ranks of Infusions? Can we get another crafting blog?

Embellished gear has a 2-item limit. I’m also pretty sure that you have to be the one to provide a Concentrated Primal Focus to the craft, which means you will likely only have 1 of these pieces of Embellished Gear during the race, if that’s the direction you choose to go.

As far as it being work to do world first race… what’s the problem? That’s the way WoW used to work. Doing a bunch of crafting stuff before the race is way, way, way, WAYYY less degenerate than these cringe splits and loot-funneling they did during SFO.


Which puts quality 5 gear at the Shadowlands equivalent of getting +15 loot from the Great Vault. This is very cool!

I’m still a not 100% clear on the heroic/mythic level reagent though. Through crafting orders, will it be possible for a “client” to put in an order for mythic level gear that the crafter can provide, or MUST the client provide the reagent? Would this apply to creating the item from scratch as well as recrafting?
Knowing this information would help clear the air on what non raiders/m+ people can even hope to get access to.

Assuming that’s still how the Great Vault works.

I’m hoping it isn’t. Time will tell.

As far as the other stuff, I would be very surprised if you, the person putting the work order in to be filled, didn’t have to put the Focus in. Could be wrong, as BoE gear does exist, but being able to buy a full set of BiS off simply grinding out the equivalent of Cosmic Flux and paying a lot of gold sounds very questionable from a design perspective.

My understanding is that the Primal Focus is likely more attainable and will award heroic ilvl, but the Concentrated Primal Focus that rewards mythic ilvl is probably only going to be for Mythic/High Keys/High PvP rating players.

I am in fact in it. I’m an analyst for Method.


Get your ducks in a row then. Supporting your team will mean more than just getting a bunch of gold and paying people an absurd amount for split runs, but will involve actual support crews gathering high materials, refining those materials, and then performing the crafts. Or paying people gold to do activities on your behalf.

I think it’s great. Your mileage may vary because the old system of “just pay lots and lots of gold for people who can split you tier” was simpler for you, but for most of us it sounds awesome.


To clarify on crafting orders and who can provide what:

Only the customer can provide:

  • Primal Chaos

  • Primal Focus or Concentrated Primal Focus (the optional reagent to raise item level for epic gear)

Either the customer or crafter can provide:

  • Any unbound reagents or optional reagents

As a general rule, if something is soulbound, it’s probably going to need to be provided by the customer.

There is one exception here that we aren’t 100% settled on:

  • Currently either the customer or crafter can provide the Artisan’s Mettle (recrafting will need some of this). It’s also needed for some higher end consumables that benefit professions and high end profession gear.

In general, the logic is that if it’s soulbound, it is that way because we want the player who will end up with the gear to need to take some effort to earn it, otherwise that reagent may as well be unbound and purchaseable on the auction house for gold.

Artisan’s Mettle is a bit of an exception because it’s a special reagent earnable within the profession ecosystem and only useful to those who are using a profession, or who are placing crafting orders. Keeping it from being tradeable means each crafter/gatherer needs to earn their own to help with their profession, but allowing it to be provided by either party during a crafting order means if you don’t engage in professions directly, you can still hit up a crafter to perform recrafting services for you.


Thanks for clarifying!
Would the team also happen to be ready to share information about epic crafted gear and the Creation Catalyst? It’s not immediately clear that crafted gear would not be part of that system due to how tightly the supply of said gear is controlled.

Maybe slightly off topic, but do we know if crafting orders can be done cross faction? Like if I’m Alliance, can I fill an order from a Horde player?

I don’t think you’re quite seeing the difference this makes. Creating 3-5 characters for split runs will still happen. It has been a thing for quite some time now and will probably stay. Running m+ for gear will still happen, most likely running pvp as well. This isn’t just “oh add a few more hours on top of those things.” It’s literally creating 120-150 new characters in order to grind mats, rares, and profs for weeks to ensure that the gear is obtainable. This is a larger grind than anything before. Blizzard has said they don’t want something like Sepulcher to happen again, and this will end up being far worse. It literally adds thousands of hours of play time during the first few weeks. And the fix for it is so small and simple. It’s literally push it 7-10 days. Basically, instead of being available during Mythic week, just make it available at the end of Mythic week 2.

The game should not be changing because of the race, sorry to say.

You guys doing degenerate crap is not our problem.


Could you clarify how much better crafted gear can be than M+ loot?

It really won’t. It will be people playing the game, doing the economy stuff, and if you don’t have those guys in-house, you will pay several million gold to get some crafts done for your boys. It’s actually not a big deal if you have an infinite gold supply. It really, really isn’t. If you don’t want to refine the mats, skill up, etc, someone will do it for you guys and then charge you out the nose for you to do it the first week. And that’s fine. That’s completely fine. That’s what we as players want in an MMO, that feeling that there is a functioning economy where these things actually matter to the game. We want WoW to feel like a game where you’re for playing the game, not some cringe split simulator where you’re praying to looted an item from heroic rygelon so you can split a normal shoulder.

You not liking this is exactly, in a sense, how it should work. Taking some of that economic power away from the top guilds and and giving it back to the players in a manner more similar to Classic where crafting and server economy matters.

We don’t know anything about m+ loot currently. If nothing changes with M+ loot, then the best crafted gear will be equal to M15 vault loot in terms of raw ilvl (but embellished gear will exist, so just about everyone will want crafted gear).


This my fear. They just need to give better gear for +18 or +20 and so on.

Getting the same ilevel from crafting as +25 key in the vault is a bit ridiculous.

The Concentrated Primal Focus only comes from taking down some number of Mythic Raid Bosses, timing high keys (high being an unknown value), and high-rated PvP.

But yes, I would love way, way more details on M+. We really know almost nothing other than that we are once again getting a Keystone Hero seasonal achievement on top of the other three ranks of the seasonal achievement.

My expectation, and I could be wrong, but my expectation is that we will get more details next week, once they only Valdrakken up for M+ testing next week.


Thanks for filling in some details there. :grinning:

So - basically, like previous expansions - by the time you can make gear with professions, you won’t need them.

DOA again ?

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… where are you reading that?

Professions can craft some items with BIS properties. The Darkmoon decks, with their current scaling, are cracked as heck. Embellished items can have some hugely beneficial properties and I would bet almost all M+ players are running the “fresh CDs on a boss kill” embellished item.

You can deterministically target slots you’re missing and craft them with the stats you prefer.

What’s DOA? Crafting will be a major staple of player progression. It just won’t be your sole source of gear progression or replace gear progression, it supplements it.

I won’t be able to craft any decent gear (because I can’t use other’s mats), so by the time my tailoring etc are at sufficient level to make the gear - I won’t need the gear.

That’s the same issue previous expansions have had … in 4 expansions I’ve crafted ONE item TOTAL that was useful for my use.

If you don’t raid Mythic but do raid Heroic, Heroic ilvl gear will be good for you. If you do raid Mythic, Mythic ilvl gear will be good for you.

What are you talking about? If you mean you don’t do anything raids at all, any M+ at all, or any PvP at all… yes you won’t be able to craft great gear. But at that point, you don’t even really play the game. By the way, I believe you will still be able to craft normal ilvl raid gear, unless things have changed. Which if you don’t raid heroic or mythic or do any keys or do any PvP should be an upgrade over your LFR+7 ilvl gear from last 2 bosses of LFR or the open world.

I don’t raid - that isn’t an available option for me, hopefully (If people are generous) I might get an M+ or two a week.

OF course I play the game - as much as I’m allowed to by other’s decisions.

My point is that I’ll never be able to make crafted gear that is useful, not that I want crafted gear to be mythic level.

For once I’d like to make some gear I’ll actually use.

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