Three Ranks of Infusions? Can we get another crafting blog?

Community is starting to get worried Blizzard is doing a rug-pull.

The Mythic Infusion items just got nerfed to below the highest heroic ilvl even though the tooltip still describes the gear as “Mythically Powerful”. My hope, or cope, is that Blizzard is simply shifting things around and next beta build we will see the actual Mythic Infusion added that will end up with a cap of Mythic Ilvl +4… not true BIS, but close enough that we can all mostly get over it.

Otherwise, I don’t even understand what this crafting even exists for. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me about this.


This is definitely a concern of mine as well - if crafting cannot create items that are BIS (or at least very close to it) for at least one of the three primary forms of end game content the entire crafting order system will be redundant. All of the commodity crafts should be next to profitless at this stage regardless due to the region wide AH system hence the only benefit for investing the time in a crafting profession would have been the capacity to make end game gear. We only need to look back to shadowlands to see how buyers don’t want lower level crafts (i.e. all those rank 2 and 3 lego parts which no-one was able to make money on after the first week of SL launch).


The system just doesn’t make sense at all if the crafted gear was lower ilvl. You’d craft that helmet that reduces your CDs after a boss kill and nothing else. You wouldn’t craft a weapon, you wouldn’t craft a trinket, you wouldn’t craft any other armor, its all garbage if its capped at heroic+4. It would absolutely kill the major expansion feature and basically as far as I’m concerned ruin this expansion as a whole, as players have gotten a taste of Dinars and a lack of an equivalent system will feel even worse than going fro Nyalathoa to CN (and at the time that was a HUGE uproar).


As you suspected / hoped, this is just a bit of item level shifting across the board, with this particular change going in earlier than others. In the end, the epic crafted gear item level will not be changing relative to other gear.

Currently the intention is quality 4 mythic upgraded profession gear will be equivalent to the early bosses in mythic raids, with quality 5 being 3 item levels above that.

You should see these new item levels reflected in the next patch on Beta.

I will note that because this is Beta, we will be continuing to evaluate the specific role crafted gear takes in the overall gearing ecosystem, but our intention is absolutely to keep crafted gear as an important contributor to your gearing journey.

Sorry for the confusion.



With Mythic ilvl ranging from 424-434 in incremental steps, can you clarify if “the early bosses” means the first 2 or second 2 bosses?

My understanding is that he’s saying the item levels for Mythic, and likely heroic and Normal, will be shifting down. The end result is we won’t have as much ilvl bloat going from SL to DF. Which is great. @ #Brewa

Just for some extra clarification, crafting these quality 4 and 5 items won’t be possible till later on in the tier correct? It’s not supposed to be something doable within the first 2-3 weeks of the tier, but rather something that happens later on.

Relevant excerpt -

  • One type of reagent will come from various challenging activities including dungeons, raids, PvP, and adventuring in some dangerous outdoor areas. You will need to earn a fair amount of this reagent to craft a piece of equipment, more for significant pieces. You can also use this reagent to construct an Optional Reagent to bring this equipment up to around heroic raid item level.
  • A second type of reagent will come from a series of quests that award you enough to craft one piece of equipment. Additional stages of these quests will become available to everyone every few weeks.
  • To upgrade this equipment to around Mythic raid item level, you will need to acquire a final reagent that can only be obtained in the highest tiers of content - Mythic raids, the highest levels of Mythic+, and highly rated PvP.

This will likely work like the Dinar system, with some sort of time-gating involved.

I believe the first reagent is called Primal Chaos, which you will get a lot of (this is basically Cosmic Flux). The second and third reagents are Primal Focus and Concentrated Primal Focus respectively, quest rewards that are time-gated in some way.

To answer a few questions:

Currently the first bosses.

Crafting quality 4 or 5 items would be hypothetically possibly early in the tier. It would take the cooperation of multiple crafters to make the best profession gear, reagents, and someone specialized in the item being made, but it should be possible (although difficult) very early on with enough concerted effort!


Please please please do not make it possible to be done during the first 2-3 weeks of the tier. Some of the crafted gear is really powerful and they should stay that way. But if there’s even a small chance of it being possible it would literally take the 10.0 tier from being one of best in terms of grind to being far worse than even Sepulcher. Even delaying crafting quality 4 and 5 to week 5 would be enough to fix this. Please I beg do not let this happen.


Time-gating professions sounds big yucky. You already need a bunch of refined rank 3 mats, a bunch of primal chaos, the concentrated primal focus, someone with the recipe, and someone with said recipe to also have high enough skill and investment in that type of craft to be able to do that craft from a profession skill point of view… all to craft a weapon that you could just YOLO out of your Vault or get from the 2nd boss. I’m not seeing the doomsday scenario. In fact, this will be awesome for the World First Race guys as it levels the playing field, no more prayge for top players to get their weapon - they can just funnel resources into gearing their players.

It’s actually really awesome that our back-luck-protection system is going to be in the game early on. Hypothetically possible early on is like the best case scenario.

I don’t see how you could read that and think it is bad.


Agreed. Please don’t do that.


There are some crafted pieces that have incredibly powerful effects that are going to be bis pieces for specs. And if there is even the slightest possibility that you’re able to get those items for the race, at a mythic ilvl, it’s going to lead to the actual worst grind ever because of the amount of work that’s needed like you said. It means that you’ll need a profession toon per armor type, per slot in order to ensure that you can craft each type of piece before/during the race. And that is not fun. The amount of mat gathering and gold spending that will happen due to this is insane. Just delaying it by a week or two will literally make it perfect.

Are you in the race? If not, it’s not your problem.

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Embellished gear has a 2-item limit. I’m also pretty sure that you have to be the one to provide a Concentrated Primal Focus to the craft, which means you will likely only have 1 of these pieces of Embellished Gear during the race, if that’s the direction you choose to go.

As far as it being work to do world first race… what’s the problem? That’s the way WoW used to work. Doing a bunch of crafting stuff before the race is way, way, way, WAYYY less degenerate than these cringe splits and loot-funneling they did during SFO.


Which puts quality 5 gear at the Shadowlands equivalent of getting +15 loot from the Great Vault. This is very cool!

I’m still a not 100% clear on the heroic/mythic level reagent though. Through crafting orders, will it be possible for a “client” to put in an order for mythic level gear that the crafter can provide, or MUST the client provide the reagent? Would this apply to creating the item from scratch as well as recrafting?
Knowing this information would help clear the air on what non raiders/m+ people can even hope to get access to.

Assuming that’s still how the Great Vault works.

I’m hoping it isn’t. Time will tell.

As far as the other stuff, I would be very surprised if you, the person putting the work order in to be filled, didn’t have to put the Focus in. Could be wrong, as BoE gear does exist, but being able to buy a full set of BiS off simply grinding out the equivalent of Cosmic Flux and paying a lot of gold sounds very questionable from a design perspective.

My understanding is that the Primal Focus is likely more attainable and will award heroic ilvl, but the Concentrated Primal Focus that rewards mythic ilvl is probably only going to be for Mythic/High Keys/High PvP rating players.

I am in fact in it. I’m an analyst for Method.


Get your ducks in a row then. Supporting your team will mean more than just getting a bunch of gold and paying people an absurd amount for split runs, but will involve actual support crews gathering high materials, refining those materials, and then performing the crafts. Or paying people gold to do activities on your behalf.

I think it’s great. Your mileage may vary because the old system of “just pay lots and lots of gold for people who can split you tier” was simpler for you, but for most of us it sounds awesome.


To clarify on crafting orders and who can provide what:

Only the customer can provide:

  • Primal Chaos

  • Primal Focus or Concentrated Primal Focus (the optional reagent to raise item level for epic gear)

Either the customer or crafter can provide:

  • Any unbound reagents or optional reagents

As a general rule, if something is soulbound, it’s probably going to need to be provided by the customer.

There is one exception here that we aren’t 100% settled on:

  • Currently either the customer or crafter can provide the Artisan’s Mettle (recrafting will need some of this). It’s also needed for some higher end consumables that benefit professions and high end profession gear.

In general, the logic is that if it’s soulbound, it is that way because we want the player who will end up with the gear to need to take some effort to earn it, otherwise that reagent may as well be unbound and purchaseable on the auction house for gold.

Artisan’s Mettle is a bit of an exception because it’s a special reagent earnable within the profession ecosystem and only useful to those who are using a profession, or who are placing crafting orders. Keeping it from being tradeable means each crafter/gatherer needs to earn their own to help with their profession, but allowing it to be provided by either party during a crafting order means if you don’t engage in professions directly, you can still hit up a crafter to perform recrafting services for you.