Three different colors of Mechagnome Heritage to match appendages

Wanted to make a separate post (I’m sure it has been made before?) but I want to put it out there that the mechagnome heritage armor should match whatever “skin” color they have chosen. Like the Mag’har. Gold on rust looks bad, and Gold on silver looks a bit awkward as well.


I’d say they should just unlock all three color variations, but then everyone else will want three color variations for their heritage armor too and… hey, wait, that would actually be awesome. Can you spare a few artists, Blizzard?


It only makes sense since the mechagnomes can’t transmog over half their body. Mag’har already has color variants for their separate clans which totally makes sense, but even if they only had one it wouldn’t have such an adverse aesthetic affect than gold over rust. Plus helmets on gnomes are huge, so it would be a big eyesore for gold on top of rust/silver.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me that they would tailor the heritage for one skin color of mechagnome considering how much it clashes with the other two options. Plus already having these options being used in game on npcs.


Mag’har got 3 color variations of Heritage Armor.

Alliance have yet to have a race get more than 1 color. It’s only fair that we get a race with 3 variations. And it’s fitting that it’d be Mechagnomes, as they have 3 color variations of metal. Gold, Silver, and Rusted.


Bumping to keep relevant. Vulpera keep getting updates (mount which needed to be done) yet nothing on this for mechagnomes.


Adding my voice to this. Mechagnome more than any other race I can think of are painfully in need of this.

Transmog options for these guys are already severely limited due to their limbs.


Also adding my support. There are already three colorways of the heritage armor that currently exist in game, so it looks like most of the work is already done (chestpieces are slightly different and may be unfinished). From left to right are the current heritage armor in gold, the upgraded sentry NPC in silver, and the corroded sentry NPC in rust:

It is also worth noting that there are two colorways of the mechagnome-themed weapons: gold-silver weapons that drop from the Operation: Mechagon dungeon and rusted weapons that drop from rares on the island. It is nice that we have the choice between pristine and rusted weapons, and I hope we have the same choice with heritage armor.


Yea, I sincerely hope they add the other colors before live.

Having to change our entire gnome’s color because it clashes with our heritage armor would be horrible.

And seriously, Please add pink hair options. Gnomes without Pink Hair is blasphemous.


I really hope they add the extra recolor sets.

I want the rusted set for my eventual mechaDK. Already have the name “Rustbucket” reserved.


Yes, those two would need minimal tweaking to be usable. Really hoping we get something from the devs about this.


Mag’har are orcs. Blizz has a big ol’ spongy for orcs. Case closed!

I’d support this! Heck open it up to all the other allied races as well because I’m pretty sure i remember different color options for some of the other ARs like the NIghtborne and LF Draenei.


Yes!! Those other color options were amazing. Feels like a waste that we don’t get the options :frowning:

Edit: This would be an “okay” trade off since allied races aren’t getting any updated customization with the rest of the races for shadowlands.

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I can totally use microsoft paint (95) to get that going. Recoloring has to be one of the easiest things to do in a game.

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I see that they updated the Mechagnome hunter pet. From blue to gold plate (yay!!!) and they also added a new male hairstyle (it is ugly AF but meh lol). Hopefully they will do something with the heritage armor!


I was really excited to make a rusted gnome, but hate the way it clashes with the heritage armor. They have different colors of weapons and mounts! We should have different tints of heritage!

Funny thing… Most heritage armor has color variations, but they’re not usable by players. Several were datamined back before 7.3.5 when Allied Races began.

Lightforged Draenei received maroon and gold as their heritage armor, but there’s also purple/steel, silver/gold, and red/silver.

Nightborne received silver and purple, but there’s also files for red/gold (a much “Hordier” look, IMO).

Additionally, Void Elves have race-themed weapon/shield skins that go completely unused by even NPCs.


I’m still hoping they do a couple more unique legging models for trash gnomes. Even with hundreds of options per class, all it looks like is picking the color of your diaper since so much of the artwork is cut off.

Did Blizz say anything about making those other tints available?

Nope. /10char