Threads of fate leveling speed

So this is my first time interacting with this system so clearly I don’t know the fastest methods etc. But to me this feels slower than when I did Shadowlands the first time. Like I’m actively trying to fill these bars which take forever to fill up btw and I’m wondering if Threads was a mistake for me to start. It just dosen’t feel faster and all I hear is the opposite.

Again thanks to any and all who awnser me.

I level exclusively via ToF.
Depending on your class/spec, I’d say it could vary between 7-12 hours.

I remember watching this video on what to focus on and what to ignore.


Cool I’ll check it out when I get home. I figured someone had to have some idea.

ToF gives you the freedom to choose your activities.
I never really had the goal to level ASAP, but also never wanted to waste time.

So I always ran dungeons, did bonus EXP quests and all anima quests.
By playing just 1-2 hours/day, Id get 50-60 in a week.

2 little side notes:

  1. Make sure to send over 40 renown token (if your main is 80).
  2. Seraph Tenders food on AH regens life out of combat. It’s good for classes that can’t self heal. But if you level paladin, this won’t be needed.

I :sparkling_heart: Harldan.