Thrall - Unable to Transmute

I’ve heard guildies complaining that they can’t figure out the “You can make 3 of 10” stuff, and it says it’s available to craft but they can’t; but no error.

Today I decided to go try it and sure enough - 7 of 7 available, can’t transmute. I decided to move my UI and sure enough I see my character going to do the crafting animation, but instantly stops. This is very similar to what was going on when you disabled Potion Creation without an announcement.

Is Transmute now ALSO disabled, or is there a wide spread bug?

Same, on Illidan. It’s probably disabled.

  • Alchemy
    • Transmutation crafts have been temporarily disabled in order to address an exploit. It is our top priority to resolve the underlying issue and re-enable Transmutations as soon as possible.
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Thanks, yea we saw that late last night too. So it was just the same as the Experimentation issue. They shadow-disabled it way before giving us notice.