Thrall made so many mistakes


Thrall made so many mistakes, but I want him back anyway. They were magnificent mistakes. They were glorious mistakes.

Thrall was always my warchief. Everyone since then has just been a placeholder.


Thrall may have messed up, but he never attempted to commit genocide (Garrosh), sat around and did nothing (Vol’Jin), or committed heinous war crimes (Sylvanas). He’s the best Warchief the Horde has had.


Agreed. I’d rank it:


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Characters that make mistakes and grow from them are the most interesting characters. Sadly WoW has very few. You’re either killed off for making a mistake or you don’t make mistakes ever and are either perfectly good or flawlessly evil.

Characters growing from mistakes is why so many players found Rastakhan as such a compelling character. He was prideful and was tricked because of it. However he admitted his mistakes and was prepared to be a more open-minded ruler. He nearly lost his kingdom, people, and daughter because of his complacency, but made and impossible decision to save them from certain doom. He had soo much potential to grow and develop but instead was killed cause they needed someone perfect on the throne.

Thrall has a lot of potential coming back after the rollercoaster he’s been on. I won’t hold my breath but hopeful he’s done well as it could be very engaging and impactful.

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You might want to google ‘warchief’ because there’s been a lot more than that that have had the title, both as the supreme leader of the horde, and as warchief of specific clans.

PS> Thrall took a dirtnap in my fondness for him when he failed to accept his responsibility in helping make Garrosh what he was - aka WoD cut scene - but instead kept going down the greenjesus path cata put him on. That character was destroyed.

At this point I rank Garrosh as #1. Cuz HE DID NOTHING WRONG.


Warchief was reserved for the horde. This was described in Rise of the Horde and was created by Gul’dan as a figurehead to help unit the clans.

Clans are lead by chieftains.

The only other warchief I left out in MU was backhand. The first warchief. Then orgrim doomhammer. Then thrall. Then Garrosh. Then vol’jin. Then Sylvanas.

What others are you referring to?


I’d say he’s learned quite a lot. His whole reason for leaving in Legion was he felt like the elements had abandoned him since he killed Garrosh so he needed to do some soul searching.

His massive shift in attire may be a good indicator, too. He went full blown peace-man when he dressed in his shaman garb. His new model has him dressing more like a Frostwolf. So it’s really likely he’s gone through some sort of change.


It’ll be interesting to see. All I want from my warchief is someone who’ll fight, and fight HARD, when necessary, but doesn’t feel like this means they have to murder babies in their sleep. You know… the middle ground.

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When talking about the game, In-Game > Books

Just google it. Look for the gamepedia link


garrosh was unable to accept responsibility for his actions. This is why he will always be a lesser orc. His father, the mighty Grommash Hellacream, would be ashamed. An orc that cant walk his or her own path is weak. They even go out on a solo hunt when they become an adult to prove their worth.


The warchiefs I’ve listed are the only ones. You are confusing the the term with clan chieftains.

Here’s your reference.


Uhh…he sat around and did nothing through most of Legion and now over half of BfA? Vol’jin is working his rear off even in the afterlife and you can’t even give him credit? People complain about Sylvanas maybe having mind control, the best form of mind control is releasing a WoW cinematic, instant forgiveness!


I’m talking about as Warchief, specifically.



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You listed 5 warchiefs (Thrall, Orgrim, Vol’jin, Sylvanas, Garrosh), then you link the VERY LINK I’M REFERRING TO, that lists 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… YES SEVEN warchiefs of the horde. The horde existed before the orcs came to Azeroth. OMFG dude. The link… you linked a link and you didn’t even read it!


Plus I even said:

That there were two kinds being used IN THE GAME. Hence why I said


Go to bed, Bob.


I did read it. I mentioned all the warchiefs of the Horde - the others are warchiefs of clans or, well, not the horde. Nerzhul is even listed as the warchief of the draenor horde, not the horde.

It’s cool Man, I don’t mind being wrong, but I don’t see where I am here.


Thrall liberated orcs, Thrall killed Mannoroth with Grommash, Thrall formed Horde and served as warchief for a while, all he wanted was to retire, and he needed someone to replace him, Vol’jin was a good replacement, shame Blizzard didn’t give him any justice, Sylvanas, no. She’s the naughty aunt, giving her full power is nothing but trouble.

I don’t think we get Thrall back, he’ll fight alright, but doubt he’ll be warchief, he said it himself, he’s done leading, and Saurfang said he’s not asking him to lead.