Thrall (H)

thank you all

JOKG on Thrall would love to have you - we have members who run keys daily/nightly and have a group set up to start pushing/practicing for next seasons MDI proving grounds.

Zambistical#11130 bnet / Zambistical#6438 discord

Hey there Raenn - we are always looking for more mythic + runners to push even higher keys! Take a look at our guild page on raiderIO to get an idea of all the mythic plus runners we have an our raiderIO scores. You will see that is much of our focus.

Check us out and if you have interest please reach out to me on bnet at Moonpie#1732. Best of luck in finding a new home!

Would you consider server changing?

best time of day to chat?
friend requests sent

Hey Raenn! We also have key runs happening nightly! Hit me up and we can chat. Take care!


we just server transferred to thrall, so at this time we aren’t looking to transfer again.