Thoughts on this folks Cross Faction

I could see some good for this and some meh not so much 2 sides of the coin I guess.

Wow that was made fast lol

Not watching vid but i only see positive from cross faction

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Thoughts on the video or thoughts on xfaction?
If the video then ok.
If xfaction then you can get your answer in this thread :slight_smile:

Good news. It’s about time. Plus as a horde player first joining the game in 05 I might make a horde knowing I can still play with the same people

Time to hug the goblins, we’ll be able to cackle at all the tall races! We’ll cackle so much that we’ll blow up the lab!!

lol we can group effort punt the gnomes

there are zero negatives to cross faction outside of them not letting guilds be cross faction but hopefully that gets fixed.


You small human, I am 3/5 your height. You want to try it? Tauren will be punting you too if you think 3/5s the height is punt material.

Lol he can’t punt me. And we will work together on punting all gnomes

/punts the human

What’s that? Can’t hear you from all the way over there.

Lovefool, coming to an alliance group near you.



/cast shield block ow your foot

I still can’t hear you. You and your shield are too far.

Lol I ain’t going nowhere