Thoughts on this desktop

I am looking to get a new desktop to play WoW on and do a few other things related to music production. Not worried about super-high fps, just need something that works solid with WoW and the DAWs I use (nTrack and Ableton Live 9). Also hoping I can add SATA drives. Thoughts on the CyberpowerPC GM 9907? Works for my budget, and I hear good things about the brand.

That is a very budget setup. My intel CPU from 2014 is faster than that Ryzen 5 CPU. The video card is dated. It will probably play WoW just fine. Just don’t expect 100+ FPS.

Build your own! You’ll get ripped off buying a pre built and for the love of god, do not rent anything from Aarons or Rent a center.

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Like Serika said, never get a pre built unless you’re absolutely uncomfortable building one your own, can get better parts for whatever a pre built is offering at the same price.

Should get at least a 16gb ram pc and 512gb ssd drive.
Programs nowadays take up a lot of space n memory.

U dont need a fast video card if wow is the only intensive graphics prgram that u play on.

stop telling people to build their own.
many people arent comfortable with building their own.
also, whatever can go wrong will go wrong when building own pc and it is a pain to find out which part is faulty especially if u dont have other parts to compare with.
(i know, i;ve done a few)

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Well, the 9907 has about a dozen different configs with 3 different processor options, so its hard to give you an answer.

What is your budget?

From… who? 'cause… yeah. They aren’t a good brand.

Bestbuy has a cyberpowerpc GMA4200BST for $749. Something like that would be great. But looking around may prove better deals.