Thoughts on tentatively announced Mistweaver Set Bonuses

  • Monk - Mistweaver - 2PC: - Essence Font’s residual healing effect lasts an additional 2 sec.
  • Mistweaver - 4PC: Drinking Thunder Focus Tea summons a Progenitor Rune of Healing, increasing all healing dealt while inside its bounds by 123.

Personal opinion; 2PC isn’t going to make much of an impact, passive meter bloat will go up slightly. 4PC I’m split on, it’s not a horrid concept until I stop and realize that they gave a completely stationary mechanic to the most mobile healer in the game.

Overall I’m just whelmed. Was hoping for something exciting and imaginative which they’ve shown they can do with tier sets previously. Maybe they set the bar lower since they haven’t designed any in a while?

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But muh paaaarss

Bloat. Spell it with me. B-L-O-A-T. Like 50% of the parse is from a spell you have no control over, and is never going to be enough to save anyone.

Just like a bad dream, or your taxes before you find a loophole, let it go. Real talk I hope they take essence font and bury it somewhere the community will never find it. Cool idea, beautiful animation, rips any feeling of engagement I have the with the playstyle away from me.

Edit; <3

Sometimes i hit chi wave and it heals other people.

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I think the 2pc will be amazing while I’m rocking ATotM and the venthyr leggo. EF lasting longer means more crits!

There was a post in the PTR forums stating they were looking at changing the 4pc.

This could be interesting…

2PC: Roll/Chi Torpedo: When moving through players, it provides a Progenitor Rune upon, increasing all healing received by 123. While applying a debuff to enemies, increasing all damaged received by 123.

4PC: Drinking thunder Focus Tea provides an increase to your healing dealt for the next 123 seconds.

These changes would allow for us to continue being mobile while modifying an existing ability, making our play style more interesting and utilizing our strengths.

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This is fine. Its not you having to be stationary but rather stay within a stationary ring which are two very different concepts. The size of the ring has a very large impact on the ideas behind it.

It’s also attached to a very low cooldown spell so if you get a mechanic and have to hoof it out of your rune it isn’t a huge loss overall. Not my favorite design overall but serviceable.

Yeah I probably should have said I’m scared the ring is going to ship tiny as heck and this will be difficult to work with during periods of movement. If it’s a big honkin circle it’ll be ok, final numerical values depending.

I’m hoping it changes to drinking TFT causes your healing to increase by 123.Because while it probably wouldn’t be that bad if the rune is as big as say a rune of power, it just wouldn’t feel right as a mobile healer even if it is for 10 seconds. 2 pieceis whatever, I feel like extending EF was a tier set bonus in NH.

As it stands right now the ring has a 10 yard radius so its big af

The 2 set won’t actually add any more Crit instances for sinful teachings, you have essence font up 100% of the time during fallen order already with either rising mist or upwelling.

Are you sure the 4 set rework talks weren’t about brewmaster? I didn’t see anything about the MW one in a blue post.

But we don’t get to keep nice things. If they drop the 0 off that value, I wouldn’t be surprised.

2pc is seriously underwhelming. Even if trying to consider for base duration and how RM affects extension… Without a juicy buff to the actual throughput of the EF HoT, an extra tick is a couple hundred HP (and maybe another double GoM). Maybe if the extension effect was (1) considered base duration for RM, (2) affected ReM, SooM (JSS SooM too) for same duration, and (3) increased the throughput of those spells by 15%.

4pc I seriously think can be overwhelmingly good. But… There’s no synergy/build that comes from the 2pc. I think that lack of relationship/connection is the serious whiff by the design team here.

Honestly though, 40% FoF damage is probably just too much of a buff on the WW set. Especially if you look at DH set, which is virtually carbon copy for Blade Dance, and is only 20%.

In terms of a synergy with the 4pc, could have something like ‘after drinking Thunder Focus Tea, your next gust of mists will heal 5 targets’

All they need to do to fix the tier is

2set: EF bolts have a 10% chance to cause your RM to jump to another target.

(Think original RM spread. Also only on bolt not hot)

4set: Casting TFT buffs your dps/heals by % based on sp%.

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They need to seriously take away the stationary portion of the 4pc. Other then that I like this concept.

The 4pc should just give a buff to int.

Make 4pc give us Corrosive Dosage.

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They need to add a synergistic effect that sounds awesome like every other tier set has.
Almost every single tier set bonus the 2p does 1 thing and then the 4p expands on that by adding more synergy. Ours does neither.

The change to the 2p is laughable, a 5% increase to healing from the HoT?

I agree I would like to see some kind of damage buff included in the tier set bonus.

2p: Tiger palm increases the healing of your next ability by 10% stacking up to 3x or damage of your next ability by 20% stacking up to 3x

Interesting play here becaus you can choose not only to use it for damage or healing but also for ST or AoE healing. Choose to spend it on a juicy SCK if you want.

4p: consecutive Blackout kicks from Teachings of the Monastery deal 50% increased damage and heal a nearby target for the damage done.

Probably need to be tuned a bit but most people not using ATOTM anymore so it would supplement venthyr nicely