Thoughts on latest BM spec tree

It seems like the DF Alpha Hunter feedback thread is dominated by SV and MM, and perhaps rightfully so. I think BM is in a better place than SV and MM. However, I wanted to get your thoughts on the BM tree.

I like the changes they made to the BM spec tree (27 July). Wailing arrow and Stomp in better spots with better connections. New version of Dire Pack looks better… but it seems pretty expensive to get to. Dire beast build could be interesting, and Dire Command and Pack Resilience are fine predecessors… but I think they require too many points.

Speaking of too many points required, it seems like beast cleave is also expensive at 3 points. Perhaps reduce it to 2, and/or include a duration increase?

I’m asking for a reduction in points, so I know they would have to add points elsewhere to keep the opportunity cost balanced. Perhaps it would be an opportunity to add a few single choice dead-end talent branches?

My thoughts regarding BM and the Class tree can be found here. Some positive, some that isn’t an issue per se, but I’d like them to consider still, and some things I find to be issues. Along with suggestions.

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