Those braving Arcane pvp, your legendary?

As the topic says, what are you rolling with? Sticking with the robe and triple barriers or using something else?

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Admittedly I’ve focused on my paladin, but I’ve been running Harmony on my Arcane mage when I do PvP on him to good success. Bombardment has the potential for strong execute damage, but on demand burst with Harmony is too good to pass up especially in 3s and RBGs.

Issue with Triune is that unlike Fire we don’t do as much uncounterable burst damage as Fire to be able to afford the tradeoff at this point. We need to do sustained pressure and Triune can’t help with that.

At this point I only recommend Triune if the enemy team has a purge as ironic as that sounds. It’ll buy you 3 extra seconds of burst/defensive use, far more valuable than the measly 8k extra shield it’ll give.

Triple Barrier. Annoyed at dumping the gold etc into it to not use it. My other legendary is the Time Warp, which has no use in RBG etc.

Thank you for the reply and explanation. Which gear is Harmony?

Triune or the AB execute one.

Triune seems to be the go-to for any mages in pvp simply because the value of barriers for a class without self healing is too good. Even with the conduit for healing, its such a tiny amount and by default, at least mentally, mages will play with health as a very limited resource.

But I have used Seph Proclamation in bgs specifically only because on paper, you’re gaining a much greater value. Assuming you have the enchant that gives you extra prim stat, you use focus magic on your friends properly and you’re proccing seph proclamation often, the stack of additional stats is quite significant. You may not be a total powerhouse in terms of killing-blows, but teamwork is teamwork. You will most definitely see a gain in haste, critical hits, extra vers and mastery.