This week Rated Battle Grounds sucked!

Rated Battlegrounds were the last bastion for people to get rating and get some pvp gear, but over the last two weeks it seems that a lot of boosting services have started to jump from arenas to bgs, this makes it almost impossible to climb. For example this week I played 33 rbgs in the 1700s range, in 14 of them we faced teams with 3 or more people in max level gear that achieved glad title this season and they were stumping us with barely any effort. I’m part of a community with over 200 players that play rbgs weekly, and this week 64% of us lose rating, never before this week we had so terrible numbers, not even close, closer to this was probably 30% of our players loosing rating during a week. It could be possible that all 200 of us were just extremely unlucky this week, but the chances for that are pretty minimal. People are now avoiding rbgs for the fear of getting stumped by carries and continue to loose more and more points.

By the way this only seems to be happening up to 1900 rating, 1900+ seems to be fine.

I’m wondering if anyone else had a similar experience over the last two weeks, or if we were just extremely unlucky.

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Not everything is a carry when you lose lmao. You can beat 220 teams as a 200ilvl average group easily in rbgs. Gear matters a lot less than in arenas. If you win/lose in RBGs it is a collective outcome & you could have done better no matter what. Talk about what you all did wrong after each game win or lose and you’ll get better

They added rated bgs to classic?


Oh yeah i lost some rbgs too. Fully geared enemy players just don’t take dmg lol. Was so stupid and funny to watch.

The only solution is to get fully geared like them. But it’s gated behind rating and we getting stomped on rated matches so like wtf lol


I know not everything is a carry, but you didn’t seem to read the post properly, in 14 of my 33 games I faced multiple people with glad titles and 226+ gear, we didn’t loose all of them but the ones we won were close matches. It’s no uncommon to find a high ilvl player in a team were the rest of the players is around 210, he won’t be able to make a huge impact in the game unless your team decide to ignore him during team fights, but it’s completely different to face a team with 3 players with max ilvl and glad titles with the rest of the team having little experience and playing in a much lower level, it’s even more evident that they are carries because it’s common that the glad players are from the same realm while the rest of the team are a mix of players from different realms.

I faced a lot of carries in arena, and I’ve seen plenty of streamers carrying people with superior skills and gear than the bracket they are playing to know that something is not right when I face teams with such disparities.

But my point is that over the last two weeks it seems that the presence of carries in rbgs seems to have increased by tenfold, or maybe arena glads have been completely avoiding arenas and have jumped in the bandwagon of rbgs for some reason.

It’s very possible they’re just late to the party

RBGs, especially the first win of the day, is the most efficient source of conquest/honor

I’m 226 ilvl and I’ll join the first rbg group that will take me in lfg. I don’t care about cr, just want that daily win

Just because glad title not nessecarily boost.

You never know though.

What do you use conquest / honor for when you have full gear? I’m at 200 marks of honor and its just wasteful.

Just casually farming weapons for offspecs

Simply no, a full group 220 ilvl vs a full group 200 ilvl does not stand a chance if the 220 group is not brain dead.

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He said he’s at 1700MMR so yeah you can absolutely win with gear disparity at that rating.

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Rename the thread “I shouldn’t have to do boring, unfun, lame rated bgs just to gear my char!!”

When you have to face Jellybeans at 2k, it’s probably better to boost in rated bgs.

Let’s hope all the boosters leave 3s.

So much this. I don’t climb in my 2s arenas because I use that for quick anima. Faced a warrior on a glad mount at 1600 mmr. He played perfectly, disrupting me every chance he got. But he only had 32k hp. After a minute, 4 condemns and he was dead.

Rbg boosting is probably more prevalent than arena boost though, at least in my server 3/4 the people in SW are 2-1 / 2.4 in rbgs and 1.3 / 1.5 in arena with hundreds of games.

It’s kind of disgusting tbh lol. (btw flagged classic character for trolling, I see classic character I insta flag no matter what)