This Week in WoW: May 24, 2024

This Week in WoW: May 24, 2024

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week!

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I hate that picture of Anduin. Looks nothing like him


Oh? Your Andiun Wrynn is evolving!

Bum-bum-bum, Budadabudabum

Anduin has evolved into Handsome Squidward!


Raids are not dungeons. Are y’all okay?


Imagine if these were like This Week In Destiny.

Actual, in depth communicating on design philosophy, upcoming changes and features, plans.

I have heard it as “Raid Dungeons” for a long time. They are Dungeons with Raids. People just call them Raids for short.

Hey being homeless on the streets of Kensington PA is rough. We gotta get him some rehab


Well it’s either that or Daids, or maybe Rungeons?

Ri ront row raggy.

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How did Anduin, one of the most bland and boring characters in WoW, end up being the entire focus of the game? This is the definition of failing upwards.


Orc smash zug zug, me like sylvanas, me simp me lick toes

Muhhh feeeeelings. I have so many feeeeelings. I need to cry on your shoulder Thrall, cuz I’m overwhelmed with feeeeeelings.

But no, jokes aside… he’s boring.

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He is a crybaby, and nobody likes to see that just like IRL
im Pretty sure they’ll ruin khadgar too…
Well, Wow gone soft

The new short story is a nice teaser to lead into the new expansion. Looking forward to it!

BUUUUT honestly on the bright side

  • Just remember that every king need TIME to get better at leading
  • I do have a feeling that he has something to show us on the incoming expansions (on The last titan - midnight)
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Can’t ruin what’s dead…

-looks at shadowlands -

… nevermind…they will find a way.

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you guys arent the only ones who got their npc ruined.

void vs light theme and they chose the cryboy god dam imagine if they put turalyon instead, would be a blast

he looks like a sad puppy lol

tbh he needs this time to shine but when he looks like a joke
like he does in that pic i just really hope he does something cool to help that lol
plus he is one of the older characters in the game thats been pretty revelant but not main face (sl does not count heh) so we need to see how he does as king.

Ya’ll would still complain.

I wouldnt. Just like I dont complain about Bungies communication: because they actually communicate.