This Week in WoW: March 5, 2024

I hope season 4 is out in may im enjoying some down time in wow lots of stuff to do that doesint have to be new content

I get you guys want to keep 10.2.6 a surprise but the suspense is starting to grow thin and devolve into being aggravating rather than intriguing.

A tentative release date would go a long way at keeping your audience’s attention, I think.


no one gives a sht release class tuning

cool, keep us posted on everything you won’t be watching this weekend. Everyone is very interested.

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man blizz can you guys fix’s pvp all of it !!

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SoD is boring.

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Nerfs on demonhunter never?
There are bots in the arenas and you don’t even care,
very good for a paid game…

AWC Gauntlet 2 happens in S4. I would think they’ll tune before that gauntlet starts, and then probably no more tuning until after the AWC Finals later in S4.

you’re missing like 25,000 achievement points. you got plenty to do.


Youve only got 15 more than me.

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Please Sir, Us poor wow players just want some content… feed us please, Doby’s been good Doby wants a new patch sock Sir.

and I got tons to do. I’m not bored.

Didnt say I was. I run up to 7 characters through raids. When not doing that, I have some I run for transmog. Most of the achievements I do not have, I also do not care about.

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