This Week in WoW: March 18, 2024

Lol who said that?

They state you wont want to miss out on the fun.
So is having fun no longer allowed because someone else isn’t logged in and is missing out?

You have to draw the line somewhere. For me that line is when they don’t announce it beforehand. Like when they suddenly told us theyll be removing the long boy mount.

Same but I would like to add my dad into the list as well, at least in my case it was a joint effort to bring me to life!

New Twitch drop, but it doesn’t start until Friday? Blizzard must really have faith in 10.2.6 to hold people’s attention for that long, especially since it shares Dragon’s Dogma 2’s launch day. I don’t have the same confidence, but I do have cynicism that wants to tell me the reason the Twitch drop is March 22nd is to try to keep some viewers from watching Dragon’s Dogma 2. I won’t be watching the later, but I also won’t be playing the former that day…