This Week in WoW: January 2, 2024

How about some tail options for Worgen to go along with reclaiming Gilneas?


PVP updates?


Can we have 10.2.5 next week pleeeease? Nvm I just read the thing and it’s Jan 16th which is like 5 billion years away.

Wheres my troll heritage set at tho?

Although AI dungeon companions sound pretty cool.

Was really hoping for the 9th.

I still want Lightforged Ma’nari. Because why not.

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Wow team has been killing it!

Hunter rework or update on the cards anytime in the next year?

Sadly the new Draenei customization is one new dark skin tone. That’s it. :neutral_face:

Are the bi-weekly limitation on the catalyst charges dropped in 10.2.5 and it’ll become a weekly charge ?

Yup, Abominable Stitching place from SL was the missed opportunity for DK customization

I believe so, yes.

Was hoping for more War Within news articles but at least we have some news about 10.2.5.