This story is (isn't )terrible. Let's fix it


(NOTE:) I’m adding this after the fact as I’m pretty sure my original intent in writing this post has been missed. If you care to, reread the post and keep two words in mind. Sarcasm and irony. There is no way to tell an engaging story of war without conflict. Conflict is going to generate winners and losers. People don’t like losing and most don’t like winning if they had to cheat of be cruel to win. If you change the story in a way that makes one side happy it’s going, to some extent, make the other side unhappy.

This bit here is just my opinion: People (who pay attention to the story) like playing Horde because it’s fun to be the ‘bad boy.’ The thing is that eventually the ‘bad boy’ all too often becomes the ‘bad guy.’ It’s in your character. Similarly playing Alliance plays into the desire to be he ‘hero’, the knight in shining armor. It also sets you up to be the goody two shoes who gets his lunch money stolen by … you guessed it, the bad boy.

Bottom line: I’m going to live with my loses. Horde should live with your bad (self)image. Then wait and see how it all works out. We might not know how good the story is until we read the last page.

Final thought: While I’m not sure anyone read my original post all the way to the end, and thus missed the point, some of the responses were very good and showed real creativity. So good ya’.

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As a nelf there are things about the current story I really hate.

Ashenvale was lost and its people massacred. Darkshore was taken. My Sentinels were killed. My home was burned. A large proportion of my people died in agony. A Warden I respected and a Sentinel I had come to love were killed and raised into undeath as enemies. Our sylvan lands are now being clear cut and strip mined by our enemies. I don’t like this.

A lot of people on the Horde side also seem unhappy about the way this story is playing out. Members of both the Horde and the Alliance are saying this is a bad story. They are saying it in very loud voices.

They are saying it’s bad, but no one is telling me how the story should be. So, I’m now asking … Starting from before the pre-patch, tell me the story of The Battle for Azeroth as is should have been told.

But there are conditions based on current player discontent.

Newton’s Third Law applies: Any action taken by one faction must be met with an immediate and proportional response by the other side. No one like to feel like they are losing.

No leader can be portrayed in a way that would call into question their competence, intelligence, morality, motivations, loyalty or integrity. At no point may one of these leaders take an action unless the short, and long-term goals, and immediate and long-term consequences are fully understood by players of both factions so as not to cause short term unease. These plans may be a surprise to the opposite factions npcs but not to the opposite faction’s players. These plans may succeed or fail, but then Newton’s Third Law must apply.

Characters will, from time to time, die. When this happens a character of equal prominence, importance to the story and number of devoted fans, from the opposing faction must also die. These deaths must come at the same moment and both factions must be aware of this. Their deaths must be quantitatively equal in gruesomeness and nobility.

Essentially nothing can happen that makes anyone unhappy in any way at any point. It doesn’t matter how your story ends. No one can ever dislike what is happening in the moment. We’re supposed to be having fun.


Now go …

Enthrall me.


Gone are the days of “NElf Master Race” being spammed on the forums. Mmm delicious tears.


Read the whole post to gather it’s true intent.


May I recommend Buddhism?

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There have been a million fan (on this page its ANTI-fan) posts about how things should have gone down.

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This is not happening anymore. The horde are losing more prominent hero’s at a much quicker rate

Do not take my words as a horde vs alliance thing. I am merely stating that the rate in which we are losing faction leaders and warchiefs is become greater then the rate we replace them leaving our story being directed by characters that aren’t overly engaging or exciting. And now between sylvanas, Saurfang and Baine we’re set to lose even more.

I struggle to identify with the horde story because I don’t recognize our leaders and what they stand for anymore. Who does blizzard want me to side with? The banshee queen who has become a volatile force that lacks reason and stability? Saurfang, the orc who suddenly decided that killing was bad and tucked tail and left his allies to die in his absence instead of facing the issue head on? Or Baine, the coward who time and time again sat idly by despite taking issues with sylvanas’s actions and then decided to sneak behind her back to aid the alliance

I just don’t feel there’s any pride left. We fight for nothing and we run away instead of going toe to toe with our issues


I’m hoping with the whole night warrior story line that the night elves are going back to their savage Warcraft 3 roots. Where they were feared and people second guessed entering their forests. They definitely made Tyrande and Malf seem more aggressive, which is good imo. Plus the coolest night elf is Maiev and I love how she is getting more involved.

I think the key is having racial identity remain important in the story. All Horde races shouldn’t behave like orcs and all alliance races shouldn’t behave like the humans. I think we are seeing more racial identity in BFA with the night elves, forsaken, gnomes, and goblins taking a bigger role in the story and upcoming stories.

I’m excited to see what happens next.


But have they followed the guidelines proposed above to ensure mutual satisfaction for both factions at all time?

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Nobody cares about “mutual satisfaction” they only care that “the other side” got one more jelly bean than I did!!

(Jose) #11

Everybody sees the writing on the wall.

If Sylvanas isn’t dead/gone/replaced by the end of this xpac, people will be completely disengaged from the story.

However, if Sylvanas IS killed/gone/replaced, it’ll be Garrosh 2.0 in terms of narrative structure.

Blizzard wrote themselves into an unwinnable corner.

My prediction is something will come along to reveal, JUST LIKE WITH ILLIDAN, “oh well if only we KNEW see Sylvanas was doing XYZ because she’s an ANTI-HERO who GETS THINGS DONE.” And then all her war crimes and atrocities will be brushed aside (end of WoD says hello) etc etc etc…

Seeing a pattern? The story team has no idea how to write something remotely original even if you only take Warcraft’s narrative into account. The story has been BAD since late MOP and it has only gone worse, writing-wise. It’s clear that the dev team makes decisions and then the writers, good or not, have to connect absurd dots and try to compensate for cuts and pullbacks on content.


Just a reminder. This thread isn’t about pointing out problems with the current story. We’re here to tell the story as it should have been. Exciting, conflict filled and told in such a was as to never offend anyone or make them feel bad about their toon, their faction, or their leaders. Simple.


that’s kind of why i wished they added “race order halls” to this expansion which would be similar to class order halls of the last one, since this expansion is all about the 2 factions fighting each other and the factions are composed of races racial identity i think is pretty important

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To do that there couldn’t be a faction war. Full stop.

You could make this xpac about N’zoth and Azshara, as we appear to be moving toward, but when you have players on both sides of a faction war, you’re going to make people unhappy, because wars have atrocities and dumb accidents/mistakes, and winners, even if everybody ultimately loses.


Actually its good story telling, you’re all just confusing a bad story with a story about bad things


next expansion we wake up and discover bfa was just a bad dream…its the only way to save this

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There we go. Lor’themar steps out of the shower.

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The simplest solution would to have not had a faction war at all (or at least severly downplay it), and just focus on the new continents and their characters and lore. We shouldn’t have knocked them all out in the questing experience - Zul, for example, could have been an amazing end boss in a raid. Maybe Ashvane as well (haven’t done much on the Alliance side).

Beyond that, I’m not sure what sort of solution there is to offer. The main problem I see is Anduin leading the Alliance during a faction war. He’s pretty much the worst character for this role, especially if he can’t break with his past and current characterization. Left to his own devices, he’ll never take any action that might push the war in a more desirable direction. The only reason the story “works” is that Sylvanas is the Horde warchief and has been forced into a very hamfisted villain role to accommodate Anduin. With any other Horde warchief, the faction war story would be 100% nonviable, all because of Anduin.

I would say replace him with Genn, Jaina, or Turalyon being the ones to instigate the conflict (or at least take charge of it), but that then runs into the issue of essentially dethroning Anduin (on the basis that he’s unfit to lead).

So that’s basically it for me. Either the war just can’t happen; Anduin has to be removed beforehand; or the Horde has to take the villain bat to accommodate Anduin (which is what is happening).


if you play the HORDE story you will know whats going on

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Are you pissed off as a night elf that everything you loved died or was burned to the ground? Are you looking to take vengence upon the horde? Blizzard story writers did thier job.

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Suddenly the character wakes up in bed, the trial for Garrosh Hellscream had just ended and he was executed. Vol’jin and Varian were able to come to peaceful terms while Jaina sought council from Thrall and they worked to help her overcome her anger. The warnings of Wrathion are taken seriously and the combined, though still wary of one another, forces of the Horde and Alliance begin to prep for the eventual invasion of the Legion.