This Server Is Lost

why do you care so much


Yo Spectral, why don’t you just leave the server? I’ve seen you in like 3 threads complaining about ‘females’, I think you’re a bit hung up on it still.

Sorry that your ERP chum turned out to be a dude, I really am, but it doesn’t mean it’s GG for the server.

If you want RP, make a storyline and ask if people are interested, it’s what I do and I am never short on high quality, good RP content (only time I am is when I’m being a lazy tavern dweller).

Stop being a lazy, passive RPer and start actively making content for others, be the change you want to see in the world and all that :slight_smile:


They are a DK. It comes with the territory :wink:
(I’m kidding, most of you are fine! Lol)

wow MG Alliance is even better than I thought


Im crying :joy:

Ah, expansion season. That wonderous and joyful time of year when F2Ps leave the lids to their dumpsters open and a cool autumn breeze blows all that trash into our yard.


Pfft, we’re gay on the Horde too. It’s not like me wearing this is all cultural or anything.


Moonguard has always been about people being exploratory, and enjoying their options. Straight is usually the default, so I don’t think it should be a huge surprise that Moonguard characters are down to try other stuff.


This screams “reject”

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This too :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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Yelling at cat meme intensifies

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That name. That avatar. You’d fit right in!

Myself however? I’m a straight, white vulpera. I don’t need no human.

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Plenty more non-mentally ill furries.

Judging by his level, he played through the DK starting pre-prepatch and that’s it. I’d wager he doesn’t even play here normally.

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being attracted to animals is a mental illness


Humans are animals.

Code for bones dogs

Code for “understands science”. A furry is not an animal in the sense you meant, however. It’s a human with animal features basically. A fantasy race basically. Fully sentient, sapient, and able to give informed consent. So saying a furry “bangs animals” is about on par with saying someone who sleeps with humans is “banging animals”.

Gotcha, you’re a bigot. Tata.


This thread is distilled cancer.