This Season's Burst is Stupid

When two stacked hits from convoke hits for 80K. I literally had my finger on my trinket button waiting for this to break stun/convoke and still couldn’t hit it fast enough to survive this BS.


Edit - my profile is out of date. Have 90k health now.

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Thats just feral convoke. That player just high rolled like crazy but the damage isnt any higher than before

this is incorrect
armor takes a hit every season for pve reasons that they have not prevented leaking into pvp once so far in SL. look up k values if you wanna know more about it; bite is directly checked by high armor that we haven’t had at any time convoke’s been available. on top of that, this is 2h weapon week, so the amount of damage feral gets to do relative to health pools is the most lopsided it will be for the entire season.

high roll convoke is lame as all hell but this week should be about the only time it can be this lame


I’m starting to think there’s a dev with a gambling problem and it’s leaking into playstyles.


Ive gotten 40k+ fb crits with convoke last season… someone in the druid discord linked a 50k last week or the week before

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the exact same setup and matchup would have been bigger this season then

Possibly but you could rng a 40k last season with duelist gear and 252 conduits cuz thats as good a set up as i could get

yeah, i hit some fat FB’s even last season i think my best was 48k playing BT build

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there is no possibly about it. if you got x bite on y player last season for 40k, hitting x bite on y player this week would be bigger than 40k

Im not arguing it

a welcome first



Just trinket faster? it’s not like convoke players don’t make every go telegraphed.

Apparently they messed up last season and this didn’t get applied in PvP, (few of the EU players had tested it when I talked to them)

I’m actually curious if they ended up applying it this time

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Anyone else been killed by a disc priest lately? :joy:

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Can confirm, my MM solo kills while I stunbot the whole team as Sub.

Games good, 10/10, would copium again.


Also keep in mind that many people are rocking upgraded S4 weapons now, and hitting people who are still wearing S3 gear. Damage has increased while your defensive ability hasn’t changed. As the season moves forward it will change a bit.

people are also rocking fated pve gear with pvp stats too. Seeing more and more unbuffed100k health pools. Fun times.

Vers will fix it!! Just wait until we get gear guys!!