This new ability would fix ret

Final Steed of Glory

Instant 1 min recharge
3 Charges

Requires level 1

Leap atop your Charger for 15 seconds increasing movement speed by 75%. While mounted, you are immune to crowd control effects and periodically explode with holy light healing yourself and stunning nearby enemies for 7 seconds.

Death Knights within 15 yards of your divine splendor are instantly vaporized.

This might be a bit too overpowered. I think Death Knight vaporization radius needs to be reduced to 14 yards.


Why death knights?

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Class fantasy. I want you to feel like a paladin. Undead are highly susceptible to holy magic.

Should have a passive that your movement speed can never be reduced below 110% percent, and anyone you ride past is immediately trampled and stunned for 10 seconds.


While I support any type of increased mobility, I’d rather see the horse go away in lieu of something that just increases my run speed or charges, or anything of that nature lol

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OK, I kind of like the “Trample” idea. Passive that stuns mobs while you are on the horse. Would be nice for tanks.

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More than vaporizing Death Knight?

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Can we just get this ability, the one that was supposed to be given to us back in Legion alpha.

Holy and prot can keep divine steed.

Also this that was added in Legion but never given to us

Long Arm Of The Law was actually removed in Legion. It was a talent back in Cata.

Joking aside, Divine Steed is lame imo. Having a horse materialize underneath you for a few seconds then disappear for no reason feels weird.

Just let us Glyph it to a run animation at the very least.

Like the speed of light talent that paladins used to have?

It was removed from the regular talents but supposed to be added as a pvp talent, you can see the version on the link, added in Legion and it has the ‘‘PvP Talent’’ written on tooltip. Never added into the game sadly.

Honestly, not sure even Long Arm of the Law would be good enough. Legion made Judgement a freaking 12 seconds cooldown when it used to be 6sec cd from wrath to wod. And LAotL had a 4sec 45% movement speed increase. So it had 66% uptime.

The current ‘‘unofficial’’ pvp talent is a 3seconds duration on a spell with 12sec cd, so 25% uptime. And we wouldn’t have Emancipate to remove all slow applied after judging.

Turalyon’s Might would’ve been amazing with ton of utility, it’s really flexible going in to be agressive or getting away.

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