This latency is just unplayable and it's not from my ISP

Permanently at 1500-4000ms. I queue for solo shuffle when I think it’s good, then once those gates open, everyone runs in place until I lost the match. Called my ISP thinking it was the internet, nope. I followed every step that blizzard has listed and still nothing.

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I’ve had the same issue. Also has occurred in BG Blitz but solo shuffle is worst. The first two solo shuffles I did I couldn’t play my toon at all due to MS being 4000 + MS. Before door opened I was around 80-90ms which is fine depending on servers but soon door open MS just sky rockets. My internet was running fine and did speed tests while it was occurring and everything was normal. I’ve done the usual flush dns, reboot modem and ip release & renew, reset network and reboot PC at the time it’s occurred but it can be so hit and miss. It’s very frustrating.

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It may not be your “internet”, but its most likely one of the hops along the path your ISP routes you through to connect to the server. One way to test it is to purchase a VPN that allows you to select endpoints and force a route change via VPN. If it fixes the issue, then you know it’s a routing problem and you can let your ISP know. they might be able to force a different route, but to be honest, most ISP’s don’t care about their customers gaming woes and you’ll just need to wait for the bad hop to repair whatever device is malfunctioning.

I found this fix and it’s fixed the issue for me. One of my guildies who lives in another state and uses a different ISP will experience the same latency issues when it happens to me when we’re in dungeons or doing arenas or bgs together etc. I gave him the instructions shown in the post below and resolved it for him as well. You can still get a little bit higher MS at times and even if it increases to 100 -150ms the game still feels 100% playable and not feel like it’s 2000ms. I felt like my overall world ms was what it should be (around 35ms) more consistently and hopefully this fix can help you as well.

So you mean that your Windows was updating then? BITS isn’t really used for anything else these days. The easier solution would be to just go into the settings->windows update->check for updates(run it a couple times to make sure, sometimes it lies)->wait for them to install and/or restart the PC.

Prior to applying this fix there was no pending updates. My system required no updates and checking windows updates was one of the first things I tried.

Do you have other PCs on your network? By default, Windows will share updates across your local network(delivery optimization). EDIT: Correction, it will also do P2P over the internet as well, but I don’t know if that’s the default setting for it in the options, mine has been off since I installed Windows. BITS tries to only use idle network time to its thing. So if you’ve got even a youtube video or twitch stream going in a browser, I don’t think it will really even attempt to use any bandwidth because it won’t see it as idle time.

Otherwise, you might have malware that’s exploiting the BITS service by creating jobs for it. VERY few things use it and of the ones that do, it’s not used for long. Like Chrome and Firefox use it for updating, but the updates are usually pretty tiny and would be done in seconds to minutes.

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