This is why healers don't play

I’d be happy with a recap of “you done screwed up son” or something along those lines. Then everyone could vote on the person that failed the most. :smiley:

Yea, It’s really hard for a healer to break out of the lower brackets. I’ll be making a larger post on it in the coming weeks, but one of the big things I’m already seeing is the glut of ‘bad’ healer in the 1400-1500 range and a lot of very good healers sub 1400. With lots of first time healers getting placed in the 1400-1500 range after their placement matches. But if your first placement match goes poorly, you could be stuck down lower for much longer than a DPS. You could lose 3-4 or more matches and have almost no control over it.

You can, but it’s much more pronounced healing. As a dps you can turn your MMR on a dime. You can drop down and then immediately start building up.

There is a serious problem with how MMR works for healers though. 3:3 can be a big MMR loss if you’re trying to build some momentum. So let’s say you go 3:3 a few times, then finally go 4:2. Well, you don’t get nearly as much because it sees you as playing relatively close to your range. That and getting 6:0 wins is extremely tough as a healer.

MMR badly needs to be revisited for heals.


It takes a special kind of patience to heal.

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I just started healing today for the first time, and I’m just knocking out BGs as Disc to try to learn the rotations and the oh sh*t buttons and what not.

Flag carrier on a tied game in WSG kept out running me and dying, even after I told him not to. The last point that we won the game on I had to actually yank him back to stop it.

I’m having fun learning healing but that’s probably because I haven’t qued anything rated yet.


I decided to start healing RSS this weekend:

3-3 (ele did good damage but didn’t try to kite at all, he went 0-6)

3-3 (mage that did 2.8m dmg TOTAL, and died 4x without blocking. Goes 0-6)

4-2 (mage managed to break 5m dmg total, was able to pull an extra W with him, he went 1-5)

4-0 (hpal quits after going 0-4)

22 games, 59 rating. My heals were consistently 30% or more than the enemy, my CC/kicking was better, still only 64% WL. It’s tough out there. Lol


Yea, I just started on my disc this last week. Even if you put the awful mechanics of how MMR works, the players are just terrible… and I don’t mean skill. So many games I have people messaging me after or just at the end and just play me. “trash disc” bla bla bla. Same thing. You look at the logs and they have nothing done. Maybe 1-2 cc if that. No dispels. Awful positioning.

Like this last game. This r.sham is pushing into me the entire time. I can’t push out for and my dps aren’t doing anything to CC him. So he just sits there purging and kicking me. I’m literally locked down. They don’t pull out. They just keep playing near the r.sham but not hitting him. Not punishing him for his positioning. Nothing. Every game the same thing. I go 0-6. Every single game. Then the dps just run around the pillar and los me and die. Lock gets on my team, 2-3 fears or none. Hunter gets 1 trap. I just oom or someone dies los.

I get blamed. Get called trash. I say anything and it’s my problem. “you went 0-6, it’s your fault.”

Why would anyone want to heal this? These dps have learned that all they have todo is dps. These dps are being told they don’t need to CC. They can just run in. Then you make the healers not even cast. No casting healers. Amazing stuff…


I ultimately realize climbing is possible, etc. but yeah, it takes longer than I figured. So many dud games at 3-3 that feel like wasted time.


Well, here is the problem. I plan to make a bigger post on it, but mmr is actually broken for healers.


Two things to note. First, if you get paired with a healer with a lower MMR, even if you win, you gain nothing. 4-2 win and I get 0 points. DPS don’t face this issue because the pool of MMR is larger. So one low player gets averaged out.

SECOND… IF YOU GO 3:3… you actually LOSE mmr…??? I get it. I understand how MMR works, but it’s super problematic. So I went from 1806 to 1749 BECAUSE I went 3:3.

Why am I losing so much MMR for going 3:3??? 57 points lower for going 3:3. Then you pair that with a low mmr player the next game and you get nothing. The other healer though?? They gained points. So I have to go minimum 5-1 just to get something.

Insane. What an absolutely awful setup.


I don’t understand how anyone takes this mode seriously, I only use it to farm conquest fast.

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Yeah, I did a rough calculation earlier and applied it to regular arena. With the same WL I’d have got roughly 180-220 rating increase from regular arena, where RSS gave 59. I wouldn’t be surprised if something lame isn’t going on with healer MMR.


It’s fun and frustrating. Is it bad to want todo… good?

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Problem with healing rn is that you cant really make up for your dps’s defensive misplays. Cuz if you have to blow your defensives because they parried at 3% or w/e you just gonna get trucked next go anyway.

Yea, there is lots of CD stacking. If people at least use it at the right time, then that’s still worth something. As is, players use their defensives to stay offensives and it rarely works out. Like this ret a few games ago just bubbles while mounted up to stop from getting slowed or… something. Who knows. Then just goes los and dies. This is 1700-1800 range.

There is no fix for that.

Even the game I just did. Lock says and I quote… “this game is so ******** stacked for melee…” The lock died twice running away from me. I’m just done saying stuff to people. Every time it’s the same.

Oh heres a couple gas-lighety ones you’ll hear allllll the time from DPS,

‘but I was stunned/slow I couldn’t possibly LoS’
‘I dIdeNt hAvE a kicK’
‘I cAnT hit anything’ as they use their mobility in the most poor fashion evarrrr.

Just all code for im unaware af and dunno whats going on around me so im going to do random stuff.

Its literally everything nowadays which is the issue. In a meta where ppl can drop from 90-15 in a matter of 1 second flat, walling at 90% is a HUGEEEE difference rather than walling at 15%.

If you’re playing a resto druid per say even if you pre HoTs + bark their go, and the dps is still unaware to the offensive pressure and dont LoS at the right time or disarm that one really import thing then its just over you’re gonna have to stack defensives.

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after asking my dps questions to see if they know why they died or not, and being banned both weeks for it, im just not typing in solo shuffle ever again

and anyone that flames me is getting insta reported

eye for an eye

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LOL Yeah, one of those games the Mage kept blinking away from me, behind a wall, every time the DPS opened on him.

I haven’t had any bad interactions so far, though. In the case of after that game I said ‘bro I know kiting is a b*tch against melee, but please try to stay in line of me when you’re in trouble so I can heal you, had link waiting for you that last game.’

Then on game 6 when he was 0-5 we ALMOST won when I suggested he focus the WW monk (he kept trying to kill the enemy healer by himself for some reason). I think some of these games are winnable if we can sort of give advice in a way that doesn’t piss them off. Honestly maybe extending time between rounds to give a little more time to share info with each other wouldn’t hurt. What’s an extra 30 seconds per round in the grand scheme?

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I used to be my own worst critic for arena, so adding toxicity to that always made it so much worse. Now it feels like the game’s just… kinda silly and not worth taking seriously, so I just kinda shrug and laugh it off.

I get why dpsers can get frustrated, they have to wait 30 or so minutes for something that’s insta for healers, and I imagine losing in that scenario feels pretty bad… but that’s kinda what they sign up for by not having to deal with the most stressful, unforgiving role in arena. If I lose, I just requeue and try to do better next time. If they lose, they get another 30 minute time out after undoing their progress.


More reasons why no one wants to heal. Every game MW paras me, stuns me, then sleeps. Every game, no one stops the sleep.

Then this happens. I don’t message the guy. All I do is “…” after the loss. No one stops any CC. The shaman doesn’t ground any traps. Nothing. Then I go 1-5. Better not say anything though or it’s your fault.

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The guy seems to be extending an olive branch and wishing you gg anyway, so I’m not sure why you felt the need to be so hostile towards him. Moreover, it’s inappropriate to post a screenshot without blurring someone’s name out. It serves as a callout at that point.

Some advice for your future match ups, you’ll want to position yourself well enough so that enemies can not easily CC you. If an enemy is constantly landing CC on you for free, then it indicates there may be an issue with your positioning.

Honestly this is more upsetting than any insult. :dracthyr_crylaugh:

I’m trying to not be rude. Even when I say nothing they still message me.

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