This is why healers don't play

On my disc.

[23:42:42] [W From] [Shånks-Thu]: so bad
[23:42:42] [W From] [Shånks-Thu]: its insane

Rogue runs in. Gets knocked out. Stunned and chunked to 20%. Waste multiple CDs to recover. Never fully recover. They swap me and I die.

Why would anyone want to heal that? The lower brackets are so much more toxic then higher up. These players are so clueless.


I had a ret get killed in 1.8s by another ret in SS on my MW Monk.

He whispers me “WHY NO COCOON?!?!” Along with a few other messages

I told him “You died in 1.8s from 80%”

He said “Enjoy losing 50 rating” after the SS was over and I went 2-4 and blocked or reported me after I said “Why you griefing?”

Least toxic ret paladin


Then go play in the higher up bracket(spoiler alert: people still feed every game)

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Why can I actually picture this. Rogue running up unstealth and getting slapped by a Tauren :joy:

They wouldn’t and that’s why there’s always a million dps looking for a healer.

I didn’t find the whispers/remarks to be too bad, especially when I knew that they fed, but I have played some mobas so maybe I’m numb to it. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: FPS are probably even worse than mobas but I’ve never tried those.


Played a game yesterday enemy ret runs behind a pillar in first 5 secs gets stunned and dies without trinketing or bubbling.

Next round goes, that healer sucks. I told him you were behind a pillar you should have bubbled. He goes nah.

People just don’t want to learn from their mistakes they’d rather blame other people. It’s easier.


There is often an unwillingness to self save, even when the healer can’t. Every dps knows exactly which CDs the healer has left, but only after they die.


People are most toxic after they make mistakes. They know they messed up, and their rationalizing has to kick into overdrive to preserve their ego.


This happens to me on a regular basis. Melee dps over extend and pull me out of position, I get 30 secs of CC chain and the match is over.




Well, you have to start somewhere. Healing is taking longer then even I expected. The amount of trolling that happens is incredible. You can’t say anything. Even positive feedback is met with negative responses sometimes.

The rogue ran into consecrate. Got stunned with stormbolt. Then got chunked in about 2-3 seconds. I gripped him back and tossed painsup on him. Warrior lept in and speared the rogue and the pali popped wings. I popped dome and rapture and was just barely keeping us up. I had to life swap the rogue… They swapped me. I used pain sup, then died about 10s later with no peels.

I went through almost every CD in 20s. Then I get called bad and get put on ignore before I can even respond.


Valid. :frowning:

I’m generally pretty numb to it as well. Healing has just… reacclimated me though. The big reason is I’m playing in the 1400-1500 range and can easily see everything that’s going wrong, and yet I can’t do much to change the outcome. Then, despite that, I get blamed for the outcome I have very little control over.

It’s pretty tilting.

The same thing happened to me with a warrior. Exact same thing. I said he los’ed at he responded ‘nah.’ I think I have a screenshot at home. Made me laugh.

Yep. My favorite is the warrior that use leap + charge to los me and then die before I can even make it to them… OR, warriors that use leap and charge and then complain they can’t connect with the target. :man_facepalming:


It is kind of jarring to watch somebody who isn’t in CC not press wall for like 4 games in a row.


Equally jarring is the mage that was on my team last night and used ice block at 100%… Twice. The second time he was in dome as well. Had a hunter use turtle out of stealth. Why? WHY YOU ASK? “I needed to get the trap…”



We love watching a trinket turtle on a dr’d cc with no cds to master’s call and disengage only to land a half trap on a healer when the dps are full health.

Must trap on cd or I die.


People are gonna feed regardless but usually you can pick up on behavior patterns and body language that can give you signals that somebody is about to feed. Odds are at 1500mmr the enemy healer isn’t playing their spec to maximum potential and isnt very clean with CD rotation.

If you just min max everything in the game every shuffle lobby from your cd rotation being clean every game, to your communication in the starting room “I’ll dome rapture the first go please don’t run out of it or I’m taking my gear off and running it down mid”, asking for leader every round so you can spam raid warning macro that tells your team to press their defensive, to your offensive global usage(getting high value schisms, Mcing people low when the healers comes out of cc with a cooldown ready). If you aren’t try hard minmaxing as a healer you won’t climb out of where you are stuck at because climbing as a healer isn’t the same as a dps where you can just do big damage and not feed and get garunteed rating.

I don’t play shuffle as much as I did in the start of the expac but whenever I gained a lot of rating in one sitting it was using this min max methodology. Even if you min max and play flawlessly sometimes your teammate will feed regardless and you go 2-4 and los points it’s just part of being a healer but the harder you try the more those games become a minority.

Sometimes I wish healers could pause the game and control their teammates like units in an rps game


“Elo hell” 100% exists, at least in most solo queue games. The fact that a game mode exists that you cannot guarentee a win if you play relatively well compared to your opposition is a flaw in itself. Yes you can climb out of it, but a series of unfavorable games where you suffer losses despite optimal play is what makes Elo Hell real.

I’m where I should be for the time being, but I’ve seen consistent glads at MMRs/CR so much lower than they should be, specifically healers. RSS is a joke, but to deny that it can keep you at a rating you shouldn’t be at is pretty ignorant in my opinion, which a several handful of regulars here insisnt on believing.

Man preach, I’m not proud of it, but I’ve actually gaslit someone to the point where i made them believe someone else was badmouthing them in the lobby. They proceeded to throw every round they had with that person. Anything below 1800 mmr is absolutely degenerate.


In the short term it does. Over the course of 50 games it’s possible that you just keep getting griefed and your mmr gets tanked

In the long term(1000+ games) there is no “elo hell” you are at where u belong

In the long term

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Eh i guess. That long term would then be just climbing out if it. It just rubs me the wrong way that phenomena can even happen in the first place. Something competitive should never be luck-based. Sports aren’t like that shrug (no one talk to me about the eagles and the superbowl)

Does happen in sports, the best team doesn’t always win.throughout a game people will make plays or mistakes.

As Jimmy said it’s only really in the short term. Like, anybody could have terrible lobbies, and sometimes you get a handful in a row, but eventually you play enough and offset that bad luck.